Ok, you've done everything possible for your website:

· got a wonderful design

· lots of hours spent for developing your product

· bettered your tactics on e-mail marketing

· created an easy navigation for users

So, is there anything you've missed? Right, it's social media. Well, some business start from creating Twitter or Facebook accounts, but there are some that didn't go that way. No matter, if you are online for many years, or you have just appeared in Internet, here are some steps for you for creating a building content that will bring you revenue.

Content analysis
Think over your past actions and the results of them. Analyze content of your social media accounts, meaning what was shared and liked, and what didn't get attention of the audience at all.

If there is no account of yours in any social media, you can create it just to check your competitors out. That is, the way their portfolio look like, or how they engage their audience, or consider optimization of their posts. Also consider some Shopify competitors to make your content more "nourishing" and "tasty".

Define your audience
This means finding out the "places" where audience hangs out most of the time. Plan demographic targets and implement this information to social media. Just to exemplify it: if your target audience is in their mid-thirties, you may find them in Facebook, if younger – on Twitter, if they are all business people – in LinkedIn, etc. If you want to sell T-shirts online, then find some other places.

Plan on social media
Development of such plan means to figure out the frequency of messages sent, when they should be sent, what kind of messages you want to see, etc. Incorporation of value means much, because it will inspire, make fun, give information and entertain.

The tool for managing social media
In order to save time and have consistent posts, study tools for managing social media. It will help you to have your posts published on a weekly basis, and plan time for their automatic publishing.

Ideal content
Always keep in mind your ideal clients, and when posting some information in social media, think about them. Take into consideration what their likes, their values are, and what they respond to the best. For instance, you have a small handcrafts shop, selling goods like bath salts or soaps. So, it would be perfect to get positive responses from the audience on meditation issues with the nature images included. To post the right content, feel free to ask for help some Shopify competitors, like Shopping Cart Elite, for instance.

Data gathering and posting
It would be very helpful when you decide to do some sweepstakes. Also, you can use your data for monitoring and other purposes.

Services of marketing to be used
Promote your brand through the right content, using services of marketing companies. There a lot of Shopify alternative websites which develop distinctly, like Shopping cart Elite, for instance. With the help of such google shopping cart service your online pages will be easily found due to special keywords that will put your content on the first lines of search engine results.