The cars mainly reflect the personalities of their owners. For most of the people, the car is the basic need that can take them to places in short time and with ease. However, some of the owners buy the car as the symbol of status and luxury as well. No matter what type of car you are having, auto lights play an important role in the overall performance of the vehicle as well as the looks. Almost all the cars come in the OEM lights, but some owners do change the original car lights with the aftermarket lights to enhance the functionality. There are various benefits of installing the aftermarket lighting parts in the place of the OEM lights.

First, you should know different types of auto lights available in the market. Karl Benz invented the world's first use of the car in the year of 1885. The first car has the top speed of fewer than 10 miles/hour. The major obstacle that the car faced is in the way in the darkness. The cars that are used in the earlier days do have all the technological advancements, but they did not have the headlights. Generally, the automotive lighting is the illumination systems of the cars or any other type of vehicle. From the headlights, side markers, blinkers to the taillights, the automotive lighting has come in the long run from the gas pattern to the advanced technology. Here, are some of the Auto light bulbs that are being used in these days in the cars.

1. Incandescent lights

If you are using the vintage cars, you can surely know the meaning of these lighting accessories. These lights are made by Thomas Edison, here the electricity pass through the tungsten metal filament. The wire gets heated white-hot and emits light in the process that is known as the incandescence. The gas bulb that is used here is brighter than the lantern, though the color of the light seems to be yellow. These bulbs are not so much efficient as they generate infrared heat than the original visible light. As the time's ages, the filament in these lighting accessories eventually breaks and the bulb comes out.

2. Halogen bulb

The halogen light uses the tungsten metal filament but it is encased in the small quartz bulb. The gas that is present inside the bulb is actually the halogen which helps in extending the life of the filament and bulb with the help of the recycling process that allows the halogen bulb to last long than the other counterparts. Since the halogen bulbs are hotter, they become hot in short period. The visibility of this light is also more as compared to the tungsten bulb. Under the normal use, the halogen lighting accessories will last for 60,000 miles. Osram Sylvania halogen lights are also important in the market as this brand is quite popular among the buyers.

3. High-intensity discharge light

The bluish tint that you see on the headlight is made with the light technology that requires no filament. The HID bulbs, commonly known as the xenon lights generate the light by just applying the electricity to the high-pressure xenon in this case. The gas gets heated white hot, giving the visible light that gives a bluish tinge. The color of the bulb light is very much similar to sunlight, making it comfortable for the driver. When you are using the HID lights, you are consuming less electricity and the light lasts longer than the other varieties.

4. The LED lights

The LED or the light emitting diodes are one of the popular types of lights that are growing in importance in these days. These lighting accessories are in great demand as they are long lasting as compared to other auto lights available. These small bulbs, may be the fraction of other bulbs, do not utilize the filament for illumination. On the other hand, they utilize the filament or the gas plasma for the illumination. These lights do not emit too much heat around and they are affordable than the counterparts. They are available in various shapes, light colors, and intensities. Osram Sylvania LED lights are available at a reasonable rate from www.autolights4less.com.

Which Bulb Is Best For Your Vehicle?

In the year 1898, the car manufacturers first used the electric headlights, but the application was not widespread at that time. Cadillac began to use to first electrical lighting and the ignition system that is having the shock resistant incandescent bulbs. But, in the present days, the halogen bulbs have the focused lenses that are placed behind the plastic light covers. Almost all the upscale vehicles have the HID headlights with the auto-leveling option that ensures that the light is directed from the various directions.

The blinkers, side markers, and the brake lights are lit by the small incandescent lights. The LED technology is slowly replacing the old traditional bulbs by offering the sharp illumination that helps in decreasing the driver reaction times along with the better reliability and durability. The tiny sizes of these lighting accessories do fit in various sizes and weigh even less than the traditional lighting accessories.

The dashboard lights are replaced by the LED lights that radiate the green or the orange lights. As they are very small, LED can fit anywhere and everywhere. When you are buying the auto lights, you should know the requirements and the purpose of using these lights. We all know that there are various brands of auto lights available, you should keep in mind the factors like the price of the light, the type of lighting accessories, and the purpose to use these lights and the durability before you are buying them.

The future of auto lights

However, the HID technology may be optimal for the headlight use; it is the LED light that is used in these days for most of the cars. The light emitting diodes are of low cost and they are long lasting as compared to the other varieties of lights available. The price of the LED lights 4 less is less as compared to the traditional lights but they are durable and have no carbon footprints on the environment.

How to choose the best auto lights from the online stores

Now, you have an idea on the various auto lights that are used in these days. The next question is- where to find the best lighting accessories that you are using aftermarket on the cars. There are various online sites from where you can get the best deals on the car lights, but not all the sites are reliable and trustworthy. You should make an extensive research on the website to know the trusted site that offers high-quality lights for the cars at affordable rates.

Here are some of the factors that you should keep in mind when you are choosing the online site to choose the autolights:

1. Have good reputation in the market

When you are buying the car lights online, the first thing that you should keep in mind is the reputation of the company online. You can check the reviews or the testimonials before you are selecting the site. The website that has a good reputation is always best to choose. The customer reviews and testimonials are always important before you are choosing the site for buying the auto light accessories.

2. The type, variety and features

When you are choosing the website, you should check that the website is offering various types of lighting accessories for cars. The site should provide various types of lights and of various features. Not all the vehicles do have the same requirement of lights. So, it is better that you choose the site that offers all the types of lights depending on the requirement of the customers.

3. Effective return policy

When you are choosing the website, it should be having return policies. If you have bought a light from the online site but it does not suit or fit the car, then it will be not worth purchasing. So, when you are selecting the site, check that whether it is having the return policies or not. Having the return policy is very important while you are buying products online.

4. Affordable price

The website that you are choosing should be having the opportunity to provide you the products at an affordable rate than the market. Almost all the buyers do prefer using the online sites as they offer all the items at an affordable rate. Thu, the site that you are choosing should provide the auto lights and the other lighting accessories at a reasonable price.

These are some of the factors, which you should keep in mind when you are buying the Auto light bulbs from the online sites. Be sure that you check the products and read out the guidelines before installing the bulbs on the car. www.autolights4less.com is one of the leading companies that offer the car lights and accessories at a pocket-friendly price than the physical market.