Snow-Colored Concrete Countertops Are Just Up to the Season

Concrete Countertop Solutions

Let’s take it in general first

If you are a white color junkie, and you want to observe clean lines in your kitchen, which will create illusion of visually bigger room than it really is. White color makes an ordinary and traditional kitchen look more contemporary.

We have already learned from articles about concrete countertops: their pros, types of countertops, materials for countertops, rules to choose the right countertops and even the experts’ sayings about concrete countertops.

But let’s look deeper and find out what the potential drawbacks of white kitchen concrete countertops are.

For instance, white concrete countertops are stains resistant, and, therefore, it is very important to clean spills immediately after their appearance on the surface of a concrete counter. You should be very proactive and wipe stains and spills at once, especially when it is about wine and acids.

By the reason of light & bright countertops quality, white concrete countertops are very hurtable to scratches. Many homeowners are sure that patina and character effect is achieved by appearing of scratches. But if we ask perfectionists the same question, the may beg for difference.

As a rule, white countertops often astonish us with luxurious feel, but you don’t have to use only marble or granite to achieve such effect. Such materials like quartz or acrylic composites also make surfaces attractive and very durable, and provide wide range of white color shades, but they are not as cheap as concrete countertops are. Bright colors, like green, blue and red, are a rage when it is to make accents in the ordinary kitchen, but homeowners might be searching for something more ageless.

If you want something more classic-looking that will survive the test of time and appeal to the potential future homeowners but won’t be repulsive, think about not bold but more natural shades of colors, like soft green or bright white. The first will make a complementary effect, and the last one will bring a dramatic look to the interior.

Though quantity of kitchen concrete countertops colors, available on Concrete Countertop Solutions website, often creates a difficult process of selection for those homeowners who are remodeling, the good news is that you’ve got a color palette that is ideal for your interior. Just remember to consider something more before investing, meaning other surfaces: cabinets, floors, backsplashes, and etc.

White concrete countertops are in-high-demand option for those who look for a clean, ageless look that has a modern and stunning effect; white countertops visually enlarge space and that is an awesome option for kitchens. A fresh and eco-friendly way to bring some more color to kitchen is adding recycled glass. After this decorative remnant is added to cement mix in DIY concrete countertops, it makes the colors more reflective, texture becomes a stone-like; in one word such countertop is getting more and more interesting for homeowners.

So, we may say, that white concrete countertops have very affordable price, but at the same time they has durable and elegant characteristics in equal measures comparing to marble.

concrete countertops

Concrete countertops bring a great patina effect to any home. But when one decides on a color of the kitchen, that patina might seem a little too much for the kitchen interior. For those customers who like luxury, clean lines of marble, we’d like to say that white concrete countertops cost less, but require less maintenance.

Granite composition makes it almost impossible to achieve a pure white color. The beauty of granite countertops (especially white granite) is in all those variations, dark and light flecks and striations, as they add some “personal” traits and interest to the surface of the countertop. At the same time, white concrete countertops nature is also interrelated and complementary. White suits to a wide range of colors and no matter what effect you want to achieve – a black-and-white contrast or a slow-flow from white to neutral beige – you will have a good result for sure. On top of that, white color never goes out of style, and its look is always sophisticated and clean.

Because of being made of concrete, it can be cleaned with soap solution and soft cloth that will not scrub the surface. Products that contain ammonia should not be used at all; such products are to be used only for laminated surfaces. Abrasive cleaners are also not good, as they may leave undesirable scratches. The same cuts and scratches may be left after knife, for example. Thus, don’t ever cut food directly on the surface of DIY concrete countertops: you should use a cutting board instead to avoid damage of the countertop. Replacing a cutting board is much easier than replacing the entire concrete counter.

Keep in mind that dark spots may appear in case you put a hot pan or a pot directly on the concrete countertop surface. There are lots of devices in the shops to be used instead, like thermos-insulated stands that will provide your surface with tidiness and unspoiled appearance.

As for the daily care, you may be sure those white concrete countertops are absolutely unpretentious. Use a paper towel (or soft cloth, but dry) or a soft sponge to take everyday care of the surface.
DIY concrete countertops

Clean water, if remains for a long time on the white countertop, can make a stain on the surface of white stone. Therefore, these seemingly insignificant drops should be removed immediately. In addition, moisture and its accumulation is too harmful for joints on the countertops, for the edges of the surface. For laminated worktops of particleboard moisture is almost the most terrible enemy, which can cause swelling and damage to the appearance of the countertop. If products taken from the freezer are regularly left on the white countertop, damage is caused to the surface. It is caused with a sharp drop of temperatures affecting the countertop.

Adhering to the above recommendations for correct care and work with variety of white countertops, you will save your new furniture in perfect condition for long time, which will give you joy and pleasure in cooking and just during family tea drinking. As one of the most important premises in every apartment, kitchen should be clean and tidy, and this cannot but depend in the appearance of the kitchen furniture.

Cleanliness is not only a guarantee of beauty, but also of health because it is on the countertops where cooking takes place. And getting harmful microorganisms and bacteria is completely unacceptable. Cleanliness and order in the kitchen will emphasize the woman’s solicitude, and the well-chosen furniture and white countertop will emphasize the good taste and sophistication of the owners.

How to pick an Enterprise Shopping Cart Software

When you are about to start an online business, you may get pretty confused as to what you need in order for it to become true. Unfortunately one domain and a website will not be enough. You will need additional software in order for you to be able to sell online. The ecommerce shopping cart software is one of the most important software you will need to purchase. There are several different shopping cart software out in the market so it might be pretty important for you to see what they can and cannot handle for you. Therefore we will enlist some of the most used types of software for you to help you decide which one is the best fit for you. We will also help you understand what makes Shopping Cart Elite the best shopping cart software for your business.

What does a basic shopping cart software do?

  • Gives chance for buyers to hold the chosen items for them under their account
  • Doing calculation of the total price, deducting discounts, adding of tax or VAT adding of shipping costs
  • Collect the payment information
  • Integrates with other systems, such as inventory manager and listings to collect the proper information on the goods chosen by customers

It is also very important to be aware what a basic shopping cart system doesn't do

  • It doesn't deal with marketing it will not offer you discounts, it does not deal with VIP or other specific customer discount and gift solutions
  • Most importantly, it will not deal with the online payment options at all. You will need to choose a merchant software to do that for you. Unless you choose Shopping Cart Elite software which can offer you with complete solutions.

Hosted or self-hosted solutions

  • Hosted shopping cart software:

If you acquire a software via a hosted service, this generally means that all is set up for you but there are generally few chances to customize things. ShoppingCartElite offers hosted comprehensive services for its clients.

  • The basic "cash register" free software

Some web hosting services offer free shopping cart solutions alongside their hosting service but be aware that these usually only know the bare essentials.

  • The complex software package

If you acquire a large or complex shopping cart software for which you pay a monthly fee it means it should know a thing or two apart from the basics. These are generally hosted by secure servers and customers will need to download, install and configure them. These software usually offer automated marketing solutions, the offering and calculating of customer discounts, helping you set up campaigns and so on. Let's see what general characteristics complex shopping cart systems can offer you

  • Pricing features
  • Several templates and customization options
  • Inventory management
  • SEO and Marketing Solutions: this means the business gets help with the help of data and traffic analytics, helps in campaigns, discounts, gifts and planning all these Making the offers, product descriptions and even the photos themselves easy to find via a search engine is absolutely essential for an e-commerce business.
  • Payment handling – integration with one merchant software which handles online and offline payments too
  • Security options – this is essential especially in terms of credit card or bank account information
  • Customer support – all sophisticated retail and b2b shopping cart software should offer some sort of 24/7 support for their clients.

As you can see there is a massive difference between the basic and the complex shopping cart software solutions. That's exactly why most new e-commerce businesses choose one of the complex software solutions. And Shopping Cart Elite's complex shopping cart software goes even way further than that. Let's show you how.

What key questions should you ask yourself before deciding on purchasing a Shopping cart software or package?

  • What is my marketing strategy?
  • Does my marketing strategy involve an affiliates program? – this means that for a small commission sales is directed to you from other websites
  • How much do I want to care about my customers? - today it is key that you care about your customers, so you need to think about setting up all sorts of VIP, regular shopper, discount programs, free shipping above a certain amount for all those faithful shoppers who return to your site.
  • How much do I want to push my products? - because you would need to push them through newsletters, special discounts and other targeted offers for your customers The better software such as Shopping Cart Elite can make all sorts of customer behavior analytics and reports for you and can pinpoint each customer's' preferences, letting you have customized offers for them.

Why choose Shopping Cart Elite software?

There are several software on the market which can deal with complex services, apart from or in relation with shopping cart. But there aren't any software out on the market which can deal with as many complex services as the Shopping Cart Elite software does. Let's see the key services, which make this product unique.

  • Shopping Cart Elite is perfect for those who want to keep everything in one hand this way there is no need to worry about proper integration any longer.
  • Shopping Cart Elite is the best for multi –hub businesses: are you selling on Rakuten and other Asian and international marketplaces all in the same time yet would like to bring all your business activities on all these websites under one roof to control and navigate them all the better
  • Shopping Cart Elite is the best choice for new starters: when you don't even know what exactly you would need, it's the perfect choice to have a software that has everything already integrated! It's best to have an expert set everything up and monitor this for you, alongside your marketing plan.
  • Shopping Cart Elite is perfect for all those selling on Rakuten: there are few English language integrated software which integrate Rakuten marketplace among their services but our software has this specialty. In case you haven't thought about selling your products in Asia's largest business platform, we will also be more than happy to help you with your business plan too.
  • Shopping Cart Elite can provide help, personnel and trainings too including support services for your website. It is quite unique if a software developer can not only source out personnel to help you get started but can also train your employees and can also outsource support personnel for your e-commerce business.
  • ShoppingCartElite gives you a complete yet fully customizable software: this means, you are the one deciding what to use, how to use it, you can deal with all the settings in order to set up everything just how you prefer. The software also provides you with various design options.
  • No more worries about integrations: the software of Shopping Cart Elite has been specifically set up to be integrated with the largest e-commerce marketplaces. You needn't handle everything separately.
  • Direct integration with marketing, inventory management, shipping options: we work in collaboration with several quality software producers thanks to which the software has direct connection to some of the best marketing, CRM, SEO, Inventory manager, merchant and shipping options. You won't have to purchase all these software one by one in the hope that they would integrate more or less fine. Everything is provided to you in one package.
  • Software which can be used by employees: you can manage access rights according to employee's occupation.
  • Highly developed inventory management: the software will not only help you knowing your inventory, it also releases lists, reports and access routes for your employees, helping them with the direct access to any product they need to find within the inventory.
  • Analytic reports: you always need to be up to date with knowing what you have, where you stand, how often people visit your website and also to realize which segments need further improvement to raise the number of visitors.
  • Brand building: if you are wondering about the way to setup your brand, there is no better place than Shopping Cart Elite. We are more than happy to help you with the branding and making a marketing plan for you.
  • SEO possibilities: Search Engine Optimization is very important especially in e-commerce which is a typical example of a business full of competition. That's why it's essential to have high level skills to make sure, it's your products, which would come up had someone searched for them. This is also true for site-level and page-level content, which should never be repetitive and should contain enough text so that the search engines favor them above others' products. Of course SEO is not only this, analytics, content writing and editing, content management, link editing, making backlinks, building networks are also of key importance. If you are a new starter, we can help you set up a whole, complete e-commerce website from scratch. If you already have content, we can do such renovations to the pages that include dynamic view and fully SEO compliant content.
  • You won't need to hire an additional web designer or developer: Shopping Cart Elite can provide you the necessary personnel to setup everything according to your expectations.
  • 14-day free trial you can test it, check it, go through it and see if the features are suitable for your own business. Luckily Shopping Cart Elite doesn't have a specialization to date: it can be used by one-man businesses to larger businesses without a problem.
Learn more about the complex software package of Shopping Cart Elite and if you like what you see, ask us for a quote!

Expand your offer through Concrete Countertops!

How will you contend with other structure and class corporations, architectural businesses, contractors, or inside decorating businesses? You may learn hundreds of belongings you comprehensive, but amongst the neatest and several other strong is common to resource specialty and "niche" corporations.

At the moment getting a principal circumstance in situation about the, ponder having the ability to resource specialty concrete corporations that assortment between exterior treatment method approach alternate options (like pool surrounds, outside the house of doorways kitchen area location spot sellers, and furthermore individualized designed tables or benches), inside therapies (through illustration countertops, partitions, and flooring), in addition a very good offer a good deal a lot more.

This may possibly perhaps be everything which you could possibly be believing that your opposition is presently supplying, however, the fact is often that they could only be giving the bare policies. You may bump up the powerful fringe of your alternatives by exploring ample time to ascertain all about concrete objects and education and learning and finding out possibilities obtainable.

Customization will probably be the Crucial

Why and in addition, the way could concrete things and instruction support any professional crew? The fact is normally that any enterprise wants to develop their team goes have to easily just take that complete never look only inside the large to extra-large proportions. They get there although while in the quite tiny proportions way too, and in the event that you give the electric power to customize practically any operate, you might have the sting before described men and women.

In the event that you are giving individualized concrete operate, you might be likely to need to to have capabilities in concrete objects and education and learning and finding out beneath your belt. This will likely very likely possibly empower you to definitely absolutely certainly increase corporations like custom-made concrete countertops. Take into account about the worth about the form of specialized niche support in the event that you converse in regards to the operator about the home, historic property, or renovation approach. Currently being a diverse to demonstrating them an inventory assortment of countertops and edges, you may empower them to make what specifically ought to have. Alternately, it actually is attainable to recognize your eyesight his / her spot on account of your specialized niche expertise and expertise. One of the places to head on the web for countertops is Concrete Countertop.

Typically, inside the celebration you have realizing of concrete items blended together with the instruction important to count on them, your alternatives go substantially outdoor of concrete countertops and customized edges. You are able to address stamped concrete execute way too. This could properly allow you to definitely absolutely undoubtedly generate or emphasis purely on outdoor dwelling areas like patios and absent from doorways kitchens. This might be a relatively standard spot of residence advancement and new builds, and it actually is one which a fantastic offer of can, not faucet into since they deficiency capabilities with concrete items blended together with the instruction or expertise to work with them.

Typically, it will be demanding to even commence offering this kind of factors inside the celebration you have however to address any actual initiatives. genuinely is why internet sites such as the Stamp Retailer are this type of outstanding house in direction of the novice and specialist alike. As the biggest throughout the web attractive concrete retailer and offer, it will introduce you to definitely absolutely without doubt fundamentally primarily one of the most trustworthy strains of items and factors. You are going to locate out strategies to build up instruction in the use of fundamentally primarily one of the most well-known things and in addition, you also may well even get certain contractor particulars.

There is certainly an excellent supply for turning out to be mentioned about almost certainly tiny or almost certainly location of fascination, and specialized concrete executes among the most gratifying and clever strategies to build your alternatives and boost your edge.

Here's also an amazing article on utilizing countertops in a kitchen area.

How to make your countertop last to meet your grandchildren

The vast majority of us concur that concrete countertops are a dear expense of our residence, so preserving them in outstanding shape is a good deal over some time before it becomes a variety of crucial. We want them to carry their obvious attraction, and extraordinary toughness through the many years with no need to be stained, sliced, scratched, scorched, or nicked.

Guidelines to the way you can Maintain the Countertops condition for a lot better.

Make a decision on the top execs:

To specify your contractor's counter tops has to take a lot of your respective time. But be sure to ask for validating references from operator made within the least a twelve months or more. Our company would be glad to share our accomplishments and share a piece of advice along the way.

To generate specified setup in step with guarantee anticipations, generate a determination on a manufacturer-certified installer. If not, the organization could not protect the comprehension if difficulties occur.

Comply with the Manufacturer's Guidelines, taking into account that most counter tops come up with timetable routine maintenance and remedy guidelines. Even though it wouldn't be the often case, with some rare stone materials it might come without manual, then get them by the use of the contractor who installs them.

Decide on the proper materials:

Analyze the fabric you desire to make a purchase from and track down all its Execs and Downsides consistent with your idea of it.

Also, pick the best ending for it. Typically a honed through is usually recommended for kitchen area counter tops thanks on the truth etching is considerably less clear, but etching, even so, needs area throughout the honed floor location so it just isn't becoming the obstacle.

In abnormal of the extremely prolonged time, marble stains and etching could come about minor modifying the color and tone to replicate the vital character of your respective property. This goes comparable to a normal and organic rising far more experienced strategy. But let us expertise it, this will likely only combine lifestyle to it actually is the heating expertise of attractiveness. Just in the event that you are arranging to incorporate immeasurably effective value and a long time pleasure to the residence by including marble you then, need to imagine sort of changes are going to happen as a matter of natural process.

Seal the surface:

It is possible to uncover a good number of counter tops approaches that need sealing and periodic resealing to resist stains. There exists surely a straightforward strategy to investigate the seal: Pour several drops of water on a stone that is shut about the sink or one more high-use spot and permit it to stand for fifteen minutes. When the h2o will not keep on getting inside a bead, it truly is time for resealing.

Stone kitchen area and bathroom counter tops could be a huge selection of really a protracted time, appropriately in excessive of and beforehand described the lifestyle from your home. In spite of the actual fact that it is achievable for that sealant for getting worn or ruined above time, this might be incredibly easily remedied. Periodic servicing gives security to your counter tops.

Act swift:

Cleanse stains taking into consideration that they take place, just before they gained an opportunity to set even on the supposedly stain-resistant cover. Stay on course to the manufacturer's or installer's remedy recommendations; not ending up so could void the guarantee.

Wipe down each and every floor location: make sure each and every level is distinctive just before leaving the location. You should have a principal cleaning caddy beneath the kitchen area location sink.

Cleanse the floor with soapy h2o, an ammonia-based window cleaner, Delicate Scrub, or Lysol spray. Steer clear of cleaners which could vanish residues. If that doesn't quite work, try out cleaning the abrasive cleanser like Ajax or Comet using a sponge or maybe a white Scotch-Brite pad. The bleach in them is not arranging to hurt effective surfacing, however, it does just take 5-6 wipe-downs to take away the residue. This will be attained for each 30 working day interval to handle the original amount of gloss, however, if you'll have an aesthetic manage to be, it'll have to be refinished.

Safeguard your countertop:

Typically use coasters, slicing boards, and trivets to safeguard your marble counter tops in opposition to spills and scratches. Burn off marks are long-lasting, so it truly is best to get protected than sorry.

Safeguard the counter from lemon, vinegar, tomato, too as another acidic foodstuff, that will etch marble.

To find out more - visit concrete countertops website.

A Key Part of Shopping Cart Software

Before digging into the subject of customer relationship management (CRM) it might be a good idea to look at some of the highlights of enterprise shopping cart software. The ultimate goal of any online operation, retail or wholesale, is to give the potential customer an experience that is so inviting and lacking in stress, a conversion takes place. The potential customer becomes a buyer and hopefully, a loyal customer.

The benefits and features you look for as you consider shopping-cart software will depend, to some extent, on the specific type of operation you'll be presenting and your personal way of doing business. But, there must be a few basic elements available in your b2b shopping cart software, such as an easy-to-use online storefront, with an attractive appearance because people make important decisions based on first impressions and also decide emotionally before rationalizing their decision based on reason.

In addition to the fundamental shopping process, which must be smooth and stress-free, you should also have what many in the field call "back end" capabilities. Two of the most important in this area are customer-resource management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). You will also need an efficient warehousing solution, with inventory control, BIN management and more, accompanied by serious automation so you spend minimal time actually running your e-commerce venture. If you're an online seller, either retail or wholesale, and you're not satisfied with the restrictions placed on your business by your current online shopping cart software, you may want to take a closer look at Shopping Cart Elite.


When you read about this best shopping cart software or listen to presentations of online shopping cart software providers, you'll hear the word "automation" used again and again. Why? Because you should be able to offer, sell, and ship your products automatically, without having to pay extra money to get this automation, the marketing tools you need, or the search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities to help your business grow.

You need one provider who has the ecommerce software to do it all. It can be very frustrating to try conducting business online if you must change e-commerce platforms several times just because the software you have doesn't do the job. The goal is to put successful SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) processes in play, along with a solid, social-media-marketing campaign. You can make this happen without having to use plans and programs from several sources.

With these fundamentals in mind, you might want to consider how strong the CRM element is with your software plan. Customer resource management is an extremely effective tool for business success. The goal is to efficiently manage relationships you have with customers, the people who provide revenue to keep your business alive and well. With an effective CRM system as part of your shopping-cart software, you can more efficiently handle challenges which arise daily. Rather than using an "educated guess" method, you can determine why sales are declining, why clients move on to other suppliers, and why the company is not hitting revenue goals.

Effective Tactics

The best CRM elements focus on two words: client and management. The most important factor is being able to view client activity accurately, so you can achieve profitability over the long term. This involves more than seeing the numbers. You have to ask what the numbers mean, and use the answers you get, the answers accurate data will give you. To get a good start in understanding how this type of analysis can help, visit Shopping Cart Elite and read about the special attention given to TEA ecommerce software.

The goal was to provide software that will measure every "visitor engagement" on the site, along with identifying what action each visitor took on the website. For example, "In one case our findings showed us that Google Adwords was sending up to 80% of garbage traffic to our client websites, and the remaining real traffic was measured for visitor engagement." A good Google shopping cart element such as this can identify the impact of marketing efforts, so you know which ads are performing on which channels.

In addition, the CRM element in Shopping Cart Elite can be used to manage billing, quotes, orders, phone communications, phone-order tracking, email communication, notes, store credits, attachments, customer rewards, discounts for B2B, contacts, subscriptions and many other essential data details. The best shopping cart software considers every customer interaction a "touchpoint." Each one is recorded and available in detail so you can analyze and use the information. You'll be able to see which pages the customer went to, which videos were viewed, which emails were opened, and so on.

More About CRM

With the right software, your customer touch points can be analyzed to help you put each customer into a lead-type category (hot, cold, warm). This is done automatically as part of your comprehensive shopping-cart software plan. You can determine lead types within a range of dates and act upon just those. If you want to send warm leads a specific message or autoresponder, you can do this with one click. Of course, if someone is browsing but is not truly interested in buying, you can handle these as inquiries and use this important interaction to help them become a prospect (and have a better chance of converting them).

With the correct software tools and automation, you can immediately, and easily, treat an inquiry as a become prospect. These potential customers will engage in a number of ways, including viewing videos, reading reviews, attending webinars, participating in demos etc. With accurate and timely information, you'll be able to manage your prospects and guide them to becoming a lead, one of the most critical steps in your marketing efforts.

Your prospects transition to lead status when they make real contact to purchase. But you should also consider a prospect as having made this transition when they engage with your operation multiple times. If you have an individual who has used live chat or email, or has made contact by phone, you have the physical contact you must manage effectively. Shopping Cart Elite software does this and much more without being labor intensive.

Know Your Customers

Summarize the factors that make customer data usage essential with these three words. Of course, it will help to focus on the details. You have a lot of valuable information in your account files, most of it capture and ready to use because you've chosen outstanding shopping-cart software. When you use the data correctly you'll do more than survive. You'll lead the way because you know your customers well.

When you review CRM results and analyse the numbers carefully, you may see that profitability is at the top of the priority list. You can focus on shipping costs, the expense of returns, how discounts impact your sales numbers etc. The vast majority of customers purchase from one category. If this is a change that has taken place over a period of time, you may need to make sure your salespeople and your marketing plan have a solid foundation in this area. This will prove valuable on a weekly and monthly basis, most certainly.

Your customers have a have a lot of choices. You don't have a captive audience. You must know your customers as individuals. You must know how those customers fit into certain categories, how they like to buy. You need to know what they don't like and tailor your efforts accordingly. Customer data will quickly reveal winners and losers in your business. Every business will have what has traditionally been called a loss leader. You just need to understand what they are.

Essential Focus

Speaking of knowing your customers, it's essential to review your customer data thoroughly, so you understand which buyers choose which brand names, how they came to select this specific place in your overall operation, which channels they followed to get there, and which customers seem to have purchased without paying much attention to a brand name. The best enterprise b2b shopping cart software can provide all this information for you, and handle most of it automatically.

With the proper analysis, you should be able to use your data to identify trends, which means knowing which paths they take to get to a certain location. If a majority of your customers started buying in another category, for example, what was it that made them change? What did they do differently? Did you make a change in your advertising or marketing efforts that had a long term effect on your regular visitors? All of these questions can be answered with remarkable certainty.

It's more than important to use accurate customer data. This is essential. You should never rely on educated guesses to make inventory decisions, advertising decisions, marketing plans, and so on. Make use of the customer data being gathered and stored for you. You might determine, for example, why sales in some areas are declining, while activity in another area, such as inquiries, is increasing.

Technology allows many people to take the steps that turn a business idea into reality. The market has become a world phenomenon, so you have the opportunity to buy and sell on a truly global scale. Perform your best with the correct ecommerce software. You'll be glad you made that choice.

Click Fraud Detection and 3 Other Methods to Beat the Competition at PPC

Since the time when first PPC ads appeared in Google search results, offering people to buy pizza and sushi with one telephone call only, online businessmen and marketing specialists started their long-term and exhausting relationships with search engine marketing. These relationships were difficult from the very start: they were unpredictable and demanded all the attention of participants.

Yet after some time, e-merchants realized that PPC was their top priority and started investing more in smart PPC campaigns and click fraud detection.The marketing campaign of every respectable company includes PPC and click fraud detection today. Did you know that? Learn more at TEASoftware website!

For instance, Go Daddy, one of the richest web hosting companies in America spent $ 5 million on pay-per-click marketing. But other companies spent even more. And you still doubt that it`s worth your attention?

I understand, you can be one of those online businessmen who decided to place a bet on search engine optimization. You think that PPC or click fraud detection is too much. In other words, you don't want to pay to Google additionally to boost your business.

But you just can`t ignore the reality: you can hate PPC or you can adore this marketing tool, you still need it to boost your business. Do you want to know why? Because your competitors will use PPC.

PPC Rise & Fall

In the early 2011 online businessmen weren't really enthusiastic about PPC, they had doubts about it. Companies were losing money and couldn't attract enough visitors. Brands thought that Google could be guilty in this because it was playing favorites.

And then the iceberg started melting. Marketing specialists realized that they ignored the quality of the copy as well as headlines. The snippets were not attractive and poor in most of the cases. The keyword research was inadequate and insufficient.

More than that clicks led nowhere and the conversion rate was close to zero. Visitors just didn't stay long while the price of PPC was rising. There was something else… these were bots. At that time click fraud monitoring software was not really popular and few companies could afford it.

The result was not very optimistic: high cost of CPC and poor or zero conversion.When marketing specialists learned their lesson, they decided to get back to PPC with a new approach.

New Approach to PPC

Now they've become more attentive and more sophisticated in the choice of tools. Now they paid more attention to click fraud detection and could even use click fraud monitoring software.

They have mastered the hacks of PPC and were ready to offer their clients more today.

It is not possible to ignore PPC in the modern world of e-commerce.

And if you feel excited about it and you have enough time and enough money to invest in it, you should definitely do it. However, let's get it straight: you sales want triple as soon as you start advertising.

You will have to deal with serious competition and will need to work hard to get your ads going. I am in PPC for a long time, and I advise you to learn all you can about it even if you will hire specialists to deal with it.

The world is spinning faster and more marketing tools appear on the market. To tell the truth, Google has of late consolidated instruments which have customarily been the strength of personalization of users` behavior. PPC will advance into a compelling artwork – one that requires SEO hacks and a comprehension of what influences individuals to hit the Buy catch.

If you want to leave your competitors far behind, you need to use all your knowledge about PPC an implement in life these three funny tactics. Additionally, keep in mind to consider the way that 80% of purchasers are currently captivating on mobiles and 22% of their chance is spent via web-based networking media.

Rules to Improve Your PPC

1. Install Click Fraud Monitoring Software

Click fraud detection has paramount importance. Black hat marketing strategies have always been popular just because they can bring quick money and sink rivals. That is why you need to learn about click fraud monitoring software.

Click fraud has become a common phenomenon since 2011 and, unfortunately, it is practiced every day by numerous unfair companies. That is why click fraud monitoring software looks like the only true protection for your PPC.

Number of clicks you receive are fake.They are made by bots, not by real people. It means that those clicks don`t lead to conversion and don't result in sales. These clicks are made by bots that are created to specifically for this purpose.

They aim to exhaust the budget of online businessmen by clicking on banners pop ups and video ads which are very expensive.You see, huge number of clicks are not accidental. It is a form of sabotage created by hackers or your rivals to drain your PPC budget.

So your ads that must bring you money take away your money. That's because you ignore click fraud detection. Sounds like a paradox. For the companies that are just making their names on the market click fraud can be fatal, that is why they should consider investment in click fraud monitoring software on the startup phase.

The numbers are also not promising: about a quarter of all clicks received in PPC are fraudulent. Some experts say that the number can reach 35%. Even Google acknowledges that click fraud is "rampant".

The problem is that Google click fraud detection system is rather weak. The company claims that it has a sophisticated system of click fraud detection but most online businessmen don't see real results.

Google is reactive in click fraud detection: when something strange and weird happens, Google can do something to fix the problem. But you can install click fraud monitoring software.

However, when your money is at stake you can`t wait for someone to come and to protect you, Even if it's Google. It`s much more effective to install google click fraud monitoring software that could analyze users` behavior carefully.

Sophisticated google click fraud monitoring software can provide you with analytics as well: it can show you who your customers are and what they want from your online store. What ads and content attract their attention and what behavior patterns they have. It's even better than simple click fraud detection, right?

2. Try Dynamic Ads

Another effective way to reap the fruits of your PPC is to experiment with PPC text ads. You should consider changing both the copy and the keywords as much as you need it.

After the installation of click fraud monitoring software, it can be the second most effective method of your PPC boost. The thing is that ads that don't change are not ranked high by Google. So you have to experiment with your PPC ads as much as you can.

3. Connect Your ads to Calls

E-commerce mobile traffic is growing all the time so it`s most reasonable to connect your ads to calls.Of course, if your website is protected with click fraud monitoring software. If users see that they can call to the company and ask all the question, they put more trust in this brand and choose to act immediately.

Your conversion rate is rising immensely if customers trust you and can give you a call. It's as important as click fraud detection today.

With these tips you'll be able to speed up your PPC to get really good results. Just keep click fraud detection in mind.

How to keep track of the competitors even with the presence of shopping cart software?

The e-commerce business is gaining a lot of popularity over the course of years and it has become a lot competitive because of the evolving brands and the number of e-commerce companies that are slowly paving their way into the sector. While you may hire the very best shopping cart software like Shopping Cart Elite for that extra level of success, there are still a number of things that need to be done separately to ensure the growth and popularity of the website. The online market is all about being competitive and opting for things just to keep the target audience hooked and attracted to the website and not let them pass out to your competitors. That is probably the last thing you want.

shopping cart software

Shopping cart elite manages the entire web architecture, along with the other technical issues that come along with the website management. The one thing that is very much important and needs to be done is to keep an eye out on the opponent. This is not meant in a negative way but just a healthy competitive way to ensure on how you can better the services on your website to channel in more audience back to your website. It is very important to be aware of the in and outs of the same because you definitely do not want to make a mistake while keeping an eye out.

The e-commerce market is a lot more competitive in comparison to the conventional commerce because the internet gives the customer direct access to tally the prices and qualities of the products on the different platforms and then make the purchase that seems the best for them. It is necessary to thus know which areas need to be focused on for that last extra kick to keep your brand right at the top of the list.

In this article, we are primarily going to be focusing on the different aspects that trigger the competitive e-commerce market and how the shopping cart software like Shopping Cart Elite ensures the best marketing strategies to keep the brand name right at the top of the list.

Keeping an open eye

In order for your brand to be the best in the lot, you need to ensure that you are aware of what your competitors are doing. While the shopping cart software like Shopping cart elite will ensure that your website is marketed properly, it is up to you to set the standards and keep an eye out on the competitors to know what is it that your website is missing and needs.

Some of the important things to look out for in the competitor's website include:

The prices of the products

While you would definitely not want to decrease the price to a bare minimum to make the sales in loss, you can definitely opt for ways to ensure that your prices are fare and comparatively lesser than the other e-commerce website selling the same product.

· This is not something that takes up a lot of time or efforts because there are a number of price comparing websites and software that are available on the internet for free to be used by the people. You can simply enter in the product you want to see the price listings for and then compare the same with your website to get a fair bit of idea about the same.

· Many a times, this is something that the shopping cart software, mainly Shopping Cart Elite manage as well but it is always best to be extra cautious yourself and not let the entirety of the work load on these service providers. It is always best to collect the information and then revert back to them to get a better knowledge and guidance about the same.

Know about the offers and promotions

One of the best ways to ensure the sales is to hike the prices and attach offers and promotions. This is one of the most opted ways that the e-commerce websites tend to opt for as suggested by Shopping cart elite. There are several ways by which you can stay informed about the offers and promotions that go on these websites. It is best to look out for the quicker ways to get your work done and not spend your time lingering on each of the opponent websites to get an update about the same. Wasting time on the trivial things is probably the last thing you want.

· The easiest way to get timely updates about the same is by subscribing to these websites' newsletter from a personal e-mail address. This helps in keeping you updated with timely updates regarding the offers and the promotional deals that go up against the products that they sell. It is best to then get the statistics jotted down to send the same details back to the software team so that they can better the ways by which your website works better in relation to the other one. The team behind Shopping Cart Elite often work with these information to augment their marketing strategies for the increasing the sales of the website.

Proper use of auto-responders

Every single potential customer who puts several of the products in the shopping cart doesn't guarantee a purchase. Some orders are abandoned; some are just cancelled right when before the payment option. It is thus very important to keep an out on the same and do your best to persuade the customers to change their mind into buying the product. It is exactly what the hosted shopping cart solutions like Shopping cart elite does.

· Most of the shopping cart software much like ShoppingCartElite have their very own automated responders. The one thing that is a lot tricky about the auto-responding e-mails is the content of the same. The subject matter is what ensures if it would be enough to persuade the customers to rethink about completing the purchase without abandoning the same.

· These built in automated responders that are used by the shopping cart software same as Shopping Cart Elite have been found to convert more than 30% of the aborted orders which is definitely a huge portion of the aborted orders. If you want to look for what your competitors are sending in as their automated responses, it is best to visit their website and abort an order to see what their e-mail subject matter looks like. This often gives you a fair bit of idea about what to add and what to leave behind to persuade the customer.

Keywords used by the other website

As much as the keyword based marketing along with the Google shopping campaign heightens the chances of more traffic, there is no assurance around the same. It is thus best to opt for ways to find out about the keywords used by the competitor websites to get to know more about the same. One of the ways by which the shopping cart software much like Shopping Cart Elite does so is by adding plug ins to the website.

· There are several keyword plug ins much like SEO for Firefox. These plug-ins are mainly used to scam the competitor's page to get a fair idea about the targeted keywords that they use for their successful traffic.

· There are also ways by which you can find out about the keywords that are the most popular around your website and then move forward with the usage of it to channel in more traffic back to the website. Nowadays, the e-commerce software solutions like Shopping Cart Elite tend to opt for the Google shopping campaigns to market the products on the website. This has a more impact than the generic keyword search because the customers tend to get more intrigued by the pictures as well the important details of the product right in the ad. This has been proven to bring in more traffic in comparison to normal generic ways of using textual ads.

These are some of the most common ways by which you cannot just keep up with the competition in the market but also find ways to make your own website a better one. This is necessary because of the growing number of brands that are turning their businesses into an e-commerce platform. While relying on the shopping cart software that are popular and well known like Shopping Cart Elite, sure is the go to, it is also best to do the bare minimum to accentuate the work results of the said software solution.

The e-commerce software solutions need to be chosen with great precision for not just the best results but also to ensure that the marketing ways are fruitful and generic. None of the e-commerce platforms stand a chance if they don't have the perfectly strategized ways for promotion and marketing. This comes a lot in handy when the e-commerce software is much like the Shopping Cart Elite which offers the complete packaged deal and handles every single aspect of the website. This includes the marketing and even the security of the said e-commerce website that they are working for. Every single e-commerce website needs to do better, in price, quality and accessibility in order to gain the attention of the target audience for the increasing sales and profits of the website.

Learn How to Sell on Rakuten, a Leading Japanese E Commerce Platform


The Internet provides limitless opportunities and high capacity as far as online sales. Buyers can purchase nearly everything on numerous websites across the globe. The goods are delivered straight to customers. Online marketplaces provide excellent opportunities for those people who wish to start selling their products online. Rakuten is yet another market platform which has become popular with online shoppers.

Brief description of Rakuten online marketplace

The name Rakuten has a special meaning. It is the Japanese word for "optimism." The company believes in innovative development and keeps opening new sides of its business. One of the areas of company's business is devoted to selling goods online. Another of the company's activities is development of ecommerce software.

Rakuten is an online platform featuring a variety of products offered by different sellers. It is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. By size, this ecommerce enterprise is on the 3d place following Amazon and eBay. Before 2005 Rakuten was operating only in Japan, but lately it has expanded its services to many different countries such as USA, Austria, Germany, France, UK, Brazil, etc. It is quite easy to sell on Rakuten USA for vendors. You must set up an account and upload your listings.

Who is eligible to sell on Rakuten USA?

If you want to sell on Rakuten, you need to be a US resident and own a checking account and a credit card. Also, they verify your Tax ID for accounting purposes. If a seller does not reside in USA but would like to become a vendor on this ecommerce platform, besides the documents mentioned above he needs to provide a US mailing address and a telephone number. The company then checks the account for three to ten days to complete the set-up. Your product portfolio and the company type will determine how long the process is going to last. Rakuten will charge a small percentage for all the goods sold on their website.

The procedure is almost the same as on other ecommerce sites. You need to make an account and put your items on Rakuten market platform. When your shop is ready, you can start to sell your goods online. When a customer acquires your item, you will be notified to begin the shipment process. The vendor needs to have the item shipped to the buyer within two days. After receipt of confirmation of dispatch, Rakuten will put the money in your bank account. Before doing that Rakuten will deduct all charges. Every week Rakuten will wire your earnings to your bank. If you want to sell one Rakuten, you need to customize your listings. Rakuten seller needs to place his company logo, photographs and all the information about his business.

Rakuten fees and membership types

A person who wants to sell on Rakuten needs to know that he can list the products without paying any charges. However, Rakuten marketplace imposes some required payments after the items are sold. The commission rates vary and depend on the sort of goods a person is selling. They have another fixed commission price for each item you sell on Rakuten in the amount of ninety-nine cents.

If you decide that selling on Rakuten on a constant basis is more beneficial for your business, you can apply for Rakuten member account. It costs thirty-three dollars a month, but you can also pay every quarter, and the price will be much less, only ninety-nine dollars. Membership gives you more tools and helpful features if you want to sell on Rakuten. They include assistance in promoting the products, mass mailing existing clients, creating and customizing a Rakuten store with a unique address and many other advantages.

If you want to know how to sell on Rakuten Japan or its other sites, you can study carefully helpful tips they provide on a variety of topics, including vendor-customer relations. One of the tools every Rakuten seller can utilize is their point system. Buyers get points for every item they buy, and they can be applied towards other transactions on Rakuten. The merchants who sell on Rakuten also are given proper instruments allowing to improve shipment and delivery for each purchase. Reporting tools help analyze the data on products sold and make plans on sales.

What kind of products are not allowed in Rakuten storefront?

There are some items that Rakuten prohibits on their site including spirits, cigarettes, explosive devices, money bills, guns and other armament, etc. Also, a vendor who wants to sell on Rakuten the goods made by famous brand companies like Gucci, Versace and other luxurious apparel, can do so only with prior consent from Rakuten.

Fulfillment by Rakuten

Merchants who wish to sell on Rakuten can get their storefront there, but there is another option of integrating your Shopify store with Rakuten, configuring the processes to get fulfillment done by Rakuten. Whether you sell on Rakuten directly or use their Fulfillment service, they guarantee two-day shipping to your customers. It allows you to quickly set up a drop shipping business without many hustles while outsourcing many operational functions to Rakuten.

How to set up a store to sell on Rakuten Japan

Rakuten Japan is not very accessible for foreigners as far as setting up a shop there. Foreigners who want to sell on Rakuten need to be presented locally by Rakuten partner businesses. These firms are working as an intermediate between Rakuten and the international brand.

The process of getting authorization to sell on Rakuten for a foreign company is not very easy. They check every side of the business and local authority ensures no fraudulent activities or counterfeit products enter their marketplace. Japanese are working hard in close collaboration with international firms on the shop visual part as well, checking and approving shop layouts. They cooperate only with authentic brands and authorized distributors of the products.

Client services and shipping

Rakuten strives to provide superb client support. Therefore, vendors have to be ready to communicate in Japanese with their customers via email or phone. Interestingly enough, the returns are not very popular in Japan due to cultural specifics. Japanese tend to keep the product they have already purchased unlike people in the US. Concerning shipment of goods, Japanese clientele is very patient and can wait much longer to receive a product shipped from overseas than customers in many other Western countries.

We recommend you to read more on the subject of online marketplaces, including this article, which has been posted on our site.

Zen Cart Review: Benefits and Cons of the Popular Shopping Cart Software


In this Zen Cart review, we would like to make a presentation of essential features of this open type software, which was developed back in 2003 by branching off osCommerce. Zen Cart proposed improved program architecture and became one of most popular shopping cart applications. Nowadays, programmers of different countries can be contributors providing code to this open source application. Currently, the number of customers using this shopping cart exceeds one hundred thousand people.

Pros and Cons of using Zen Cart

Our Zen Cart review is aimed to specify some benefits and cons of this popular software to help merchants in their choice of Ecommerce shopping cart app. Among advantages, we can name such features as solid security, easy updates, scalability of the system and email-based support. However, in this Zen Cart review, we need to name a few shortcomings to give a clear picture for the prospective users of this soft.

Many experts in Zen Cart reviews point out that this app does not feature sophisticated templates which may be required for some companies that need a better online presence. Also, among cons, we can mention unavailability of formal client support. Customers have to rely on training materials, manuals, and forums.

Key features of Zen Cart software program

One of the most important characteristics that define this program, which in our opinion, need to be named in this Zen Cart review, first of all, is the fact that it is free and no charge is imposed for it whatsoever. Usually, the services labeled as "free" are somewhat limited. But with Zen Cart, it is an entirely different situation. You will see from Zen Cart review that this service is stable, reliable and competes with some commercially developed software.

Another great feature of Zen Cart is that it is very "user-friendly". It can be installed and managed by ordinary people who do not have a degree in computer programming. Still, it has some so called "learning curve," meaning that a basic knowledge of PHP is a great plus and needs to be acquired. We have to mention in this Zen Cart review, that the company provides manuals and video training for the users to learn how to operate the application.

As you can see below in our Zen Cart review, the application is suitable for any kind and size of business: from a small shop to large enterprise. Merchants can download some provided templates and customize them. If they want more sophisticated design and features they can hire a PHP programmer to make the improvements. Even when using some basic templates, you need to have a simple coding done using PHP programing language. It is good for any company, as it saves money for a big business and does not break a budget of a small one. Plus, you have more control over your store as you have an opportunity to do customizations of any kind to your e-store yourself. Also, you can search for free plugins and add-ons. Once you download this application, you automatically get access to the group of customers, developers, and consultants.

Zen Cart review info on software scalability

Vendors who have a basic knowledge of PHP can install and manage their store themselves. They have no limitations by adding any number of items to grow their e-shop. Some experts point out in Zen cart reviews though that there are loading speed issues if you get on the site over a thousand items.

Zen Cart essential characteristics

Our Zen Cart review revises some key attributes of this popular shopping cart software. It includes some easily customizable templates, quality client management, adding any number of categories and many others. Merchants can manage discounts and install add-ons and plugins with ease. In this Zen Cart review, we need to mention the ability of integrated payment methods, advertising banners and newsletters, etc.

Expert Zen Cart reviews

Both analysts and end-users point out at some pluses and minuses of this software application. Some IT experts have an opinion that this shopping cart app is not suitable for everybody. You still need to learn the basics of PHP if you want to make all necessary changes to the code by yourself. In the end, they agree that for most businesses the choice of "turn-key solutions" would be the best option. Among the minuses of the program, they name limited SEO tools, the responsiveness of the design and somewhat old-fashioned ways of programming. Those are serious shortcomings in the eyes of some specialists.

Positive and negative end-user reviews of Zen Cart

Consumers tend to fall into two categories. Some love the product, whereas the others hate it. Since Zen Cart has a variety of capabilities comparable with "paid" software and also allows for secure operations on the global level, it usually receives a lot of positive reviews from its customers. Besides, there can be nothing better than "free stuff." With some minimal experience in PHP, the opportunities to change the software are limitless.

As far as negativity, Zen Cart reviews tend to contain remarks on cumbersome updating process. Unlike many other kinds of Ecommerce shopping cart software, Zen Cart provides upgrades that override custom coding often erasing complete modules.

Zen Cart design templates and customization options

The program comes with a default template and some free customizable ones (about two hundred free templates developed by programmers across the globe). They are of different quality, but most merchants can find some suitable ones. There are tons of paid templates and alteration services offered by various developers. One of the biggest problems is considered to be a somewhat odd and cumbersome back end. However, for many merchants knowledgeable in PHP this may not be a big issue.

A wide variety of plugins and add-ons allowing more customization and improvement of Zen Cart designs are available today. One of the shortcomings mentioned in many Zen Cart reviews is difficulty creating a responsive layout. It is one most important feature that Zen Cart has to improve quickly. This part of Zen Cart app requires much coding, and it is still too much work to make a responsive design. Usually, this part of work needs to be done by programmers experienced in mobile friendly design.

For more info on this topic, please read this article.

What is Click Fraud And Everything You Need to Learn About It

Do you know what click fraud is? If you don't know, then, don't worry because I'm gonna tell you everything about it in this blog post so that you don't have any unknown things regarding this.

So, start learning about it.

What is click fraud software?

Click fraud is a type of click that's given by a robot or a person who's trying to manipulate the click for unethical purposes. This means that if you get one fraud click, then you can't expect to make anything with this. You'll just lose the PPC amount for 1 click if it's a fraud one.

The ultimate loser of a click fraud is the advertiser who has got the click. For this reason, the click fraud software has become a matter of great concern among PPC advertisers. Both the advertising network and the publisher remain safe if there is any click fraud happens with their advertiser. So, you can see that this is the interest of the advertiser to prevent click fraud protection in order to save his paid account.

It's quite evident that the detrimental effect of click fraud is too much on PPC advertising. Many advertisers promise not to advertise with PPC ads after having the awful experience of click fraud software.

Advertisers pay for different PPC ads due to driving targeted traffic to their websites so that they can convert the traffic. Why do you expect clicks on your ads if you're a PPC campaign? You expect this to bring your preferred visitors to your site, thus they can know about your offerings. Many of these visitors will surely convert if they're not fake ones. I'll discuss this in details again in this post, so keep reading.

So, the advertisers spend their money on different keywords' PPC ads. They want human beings to visit their sites who have the interest to check their products and services. It's likely that the person who'll search with a specific keyword and land the site of one of the advertisers, s/he'll have intention to check and/or buy the product (s) or service (s) that is presented on the web page.

And it's quite usual to expect that some of the visitors must buy your products. Suppose that you've bid for a specific keyword. Let's assume that the keyword is "hair fall solution for men". You're an affiliate marketer of different hair fall solution products. You've set a budget of $500 for your PPC ads, where $0.5 is the PPC of the keyword. So, your budget will be nil when you get 1000 clicks through the specific keyword.

By paying $500, you're expecting that you'll get a lot of targeted visitors to your site who'll likely to be converted. You're very excited to see a great result from the PPC campaign.

But, after spending the limit, you've seen that only a few conversions took place from the traffic came from the paid ads. Now, you've also checked that the profit from the mere sales is much less than $500.

That means your expense is more than your income. You've used PPC ads to make more profit, but you're having a great loss. What the heck is going on?

If you're sure that the content is quite okay, then this might have happened because of the involvement of many fraud clicks which may be Google click fraud protection or Bing click fraud protection.

On the other hand, if there was no click fraud software involved with that PPC campaign where supposed $500 has been paid for, then there would have been many sales, and thus, the business would likely to make a profit.

You can see that how harmful this malicious thing is. Click fraud protection can be involved by both manual and automated activities.

Now, I'll talk about both types of click fraud software so that you can recognize them well.

Manual click fraud protection

First of all, let me talk about the manual click fraud software. Manual click fraud protection is involved when the clicker is a human being, but the intention of the clicker is totally unethical.

Here are some common manual click fraud software-

Advertisers' competitors

A bad competitor of an advertiser may do this. The sole purpose of doing this kind of click fraud software is to waste the money of one's competitor who's spending for PPC ads.

Suppose that you've started a PPC campaign and one of your competitors has noticed that. Then, s/he may wanna make your financially weak by wasting your money through associating with phony clicks. S/he'll search with the keyword on which you've started your PPC campaign and click just to waste your dollars paid for CPC.

Publishers' competitors

It's also evident that a publisher competitor can take help of click fraud software and harm your AdSense or any other PPC account. You know that if your AdSense ads are hit with an abnormal number of times, then you need to report this to Google. Or else, Google might consider you as the guilty of this click fraud.

Your competitor may wanna detract you from making money by publishing ads.

Helpers of publishers

When a publisher's known people such as relatives, friends, and any other person know that clicking an ad means providing money to the publisher, then they may wanna hit on your PPC ads again and again just to see that you're making more money through this kind of ad.

Publishers themselves

Google or other advertising networks pay their publishers some percentage of their PPC income. So, the publishers know that with every click on their PPC ads, they'll be paid. With this motive, they may wanna click on the ads shown on their own sites. Earlier, it was quite prevalent that many publishers are clicking on ads and encouraging other people to do the same on their behalf so that they can make more money from the published ads.

Because of vendetta

Click fraud software can be emerged due to past vendetta. Some of your enemies may want you to fall in trouble. For this reason, s/he's clicking on your paid ads again and again.

Because of jealousy

You're making a lot of money by utilizing the power of PPC campaign and someone isn't happy to see this. That person may bring trouble to your business by bringing many fake clicks.

Automated click fraud protection

Automated click fraud protection is more prevalent than manual click fraud. Automated click fraud software is done by manipulating a robot or using programmed software.

Here are different types of automated click fraud protection:

Click farms

Many companies do this by employing a lot of low paid employees whose task is to click different PPC ads just to increase the number of clicks. Here, they use specific software to do this. For this reason, we're including this sort of click fraud as an automated click fraud protection.


You know that Google's spider visits a site to index it. This is an ethical process which is necessary for Google to take account of the website's content. On the other hand, if any bot visits a site through a paid ad only to show more and more clicks, then this is one sort of automated click fraud protection.

Hit inflation

This is another type of automated click fraud software. In this kind of click fraud protection, programmed software is used to take a website's visitors to an intended PPC ad and then redirect from there staying for a short period of time.

You can figure out this kind of click fraud software easily. If you click on a link or an image, but it takes you to an ad other than the intended page, then this is hit inflation.

So, these are the common types of click fraud software. All types of click fraud are illegal and business should take some necessary actions to safeguard it.

So, the ultimate game of click fraud protection

In this part, I'll accomplish the topic by telling all the things again in short. Click fraud is an illegal click that's made only to waste the money of advertisers. It's not very easy to prevent click fraud in your PPC account.

But, using good click fraud software, you can fight click fraud. For your kind information, TEA Software is such a nice tool that can monitor your visitors and identify the odd ones.

It's true that you can also analyze your web visitors manually and then, find out some fraud clicks made on your website. Truth be told, this method isn't capable of finding out most fraudulent activities. In addition, you'll have to work really very hard to monitor the click fraud protection happened on your site.

By the way, click fraud is a dangerous name to any website owner who's gonna leverage PPC campaigns. So, you should be well aware of this and take all the safety measures so that your online business can remain safe and sound. Learn more about click fraud and click fraud protection here


Inventory Management with Amazon Listing Software

Hub Amazon

Being either an owner of a business or an entrepreneur, anyway there is one routine obligation that is necessary to be fulfilled – and with this we mean monitoring and managing inventory with the help of Amazon listing software. If your business is about products sales, the inventory is your blood flow that keeps you alive. Incorrect management may lead to over selling or underselling. And that, consequently, will lead to the customers' indignation.

Using a special Amazon listing software for automating and managing inventory has become the golden standard for those who perform management of inventory. This procedure gives you more free time to work on your sales with higher efficiency and not to waste your valuable time for counting and checking stock. Due to the reports of 2017, owners of small businesses (almost 10% of them) don't even pay attention to inventory tracking. There is no reason why they don't do that, but it's a huge mistake of them, for sure, as Amazon listing software are of a great help to simplify lots of processes.

If there's a problem, then there's a remedy

Arranging your inventory always raise lots of problems. It's up to you to choose the method for inventory management, but depending on it there are different issues that may become problematic. The following table shows possible problems to arise, and remedies to these potential problems.




Too much or too little inventory

Too much means spending extra money on something (marketing, for instance). Too little means a long period of waiting time and not happy customers.

The remedy is simple: use data to define approximate volume that one have to keep on hand for some period of a year. Little but enough quantity on hand is considered to be a great practice. It helps you to lower buying additional inventory and sometimes even prevent you from getting out of stock. If you are going to establish this minimum of stock on hand, then use method of FIFO, thanks to which this minimum is sold first of all and there are no old goods left.

Flow inaccuracy

If there is any manual process that defines inventory quantity coming in and out, synchronize it with that one that exists on stock – well, this can become a challenge.

Have you considered on putting bar code scanners as an option? This investment is really worth it as it will reduce time that you usually need for recounting your stock, especially in case when huge shipment is in or coming out of the warehouse. Making counting process a scheduled one will help you keep the entire inventory together.

Multi-channel selling

Do you list your inventory on two or more websites? Well, you need to control inventory between those two or more channels then… and this may become quite a difficult task.

Frankly speaking, this is complex to handle it. There is a specific third party solution that most sellers turn to in order to handle with this problem of multi-channel inventory. Lots of providers offer it, but remember that a good provider can deal efficiently with both online sales and those ones off the website. There will be also a service of perfected inventory synchronizing (kits and bundles management) with Amazon listing software.

Hardware based inventory

It's a huge risk for sellers to store all their data on the hardware only. If stolen or damaged all the inventory data can just disappear. Inventory records are to be updated all the time through all channels and with the help of Amazon listing software, because as soon as item is sold, the data is updated in order to avoid overselling.

Here is the best solution for this problem – and it is using cloud base software. With Amazon listing software all records are protected and safe. And what is the most important you can have access to your records from any place all around the world.

The best inventory practices like that one of using Amazon listing software to be followed

· Predicting demands. It seems to be simple to do, but unfortunately it's not so. In the modern changeable world of business predicting demands is quite a challenge. The strategy of any business supposes tracking all the data of sales through lots of sales cycles with the help of Amazon listing software. As soon as you accumulate all necessary sales data, you already have a clear understanding about some particular trends and peaks of your sales. If you have a general guidelines about necessary quantity of stock on hand allows making inventory control easier a lot.

Though it is not very exact, it could be a useful guideline of necessary inventory quantity for being available on hand. Also, pay attention to those sellers who are "fast sellers". Availability of items on the stock is a must and top-priority.

· Automating it. Having large quantity of inventory, the tries to manage it sometimes become a difficult task in case you try to do everything manually. But there is Amazon listing software for inventory management and it can significantly ease all tracking processes, work with documentation and increase accuracy in comparison with a manual process. Amazon listing software is the best way to save your time and manpower, increase performance efficiency for other jobs and decrease overhead costs. So, if you are the owner of a huge inventory, then you should use automating process system.

To knock it off

Inventory management isn't necessary to be a difficult task. For modern business, using Amazon listing software is already a norm. Even if you don't want to use it, the guidelines above will help you reduce the time you spend on inventory management. With the growth of your business there will a lot of challenges of inventory management appear. Don't be lazy to make researches of various solutions to find out what is the best for your present situation. The described practices are for you here to figure out your tasks and your needs.

Selling online

More than 30% of American citizens do their shopping online. Thus, ecommerce business experience constant growing. So, have you ever thought about maximum level of using ecommerce platform and Amazon listing software?

  • Simplicity

Lots of sellers struggle with customers. To be precise – they struggle for attracting them to sellers' website and making them stay. The solution for this is very simple: make your website user friendly, clean and clear. No to thousands links, slow speed, and embarrassed clients.

  • Test

That means updating your website all the time. Make this habitual – to measure your results.

  • Research

The more different your target audience, the more different approaches you should use. Make a research of everything you work with – your customers, their likes and preferences.

  • Marketing

Quality of product is not everything you need. Social media, SEO, gathering feedbacks plus promotion materials are also for you.

  • Engagement

Communicate with your customers, engage them, and offer discounts. Be a physical person, who is LISTENING to the buyers.

  • Photography of goods

Visuality is of a great value when working with selling online.

  • Customer service

This is what can make you different from your competitors. Every concern must be heard and reached out in a few hours. Be loyal, polite, and always available.

Traditional Vendors Embracing the Race of Cloud NetSuite Competitors


It goes without saying that innovative modern types of cloud based software can no longer be mocked and disrespected by developers of conventional soft. Before, the giants such as Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft looked at NetSuite and some of NetSuite competitors as some "small ants" crawling on the ground, a target of their ridicule. But nowadays even some most significant big businesses are closely watching the progress of upcoming super-giants like NetSuite and some of NetSuite competitors like Workday, and The new generation software vendors are creating remarkable networks of goods, partner firms, and businesses.

New challenges for software vendors

Companies selling traditionally developed soft have to react to new challenges. For quite a while they have been on a route of rejection, distributing rumors on the issues of safety and dependability of the new soft produced by NetSuite competitors. It helped them to keep away the peril or put it off for some time. However, the situation has changed dramatically lately. Conventional soft businesses need to give new responses to this challenging situation. They need to bring to the market actual cloud based products or acquire NetSuite competitors offering innovative solutions (for example, Taleo was bought by Oracle). Such info gets even more fascinating when considering newly acquired clients of NetSuite such as Groupon, replacing some of its renowned businesses. Conventional sellers might need to put a real fight with NetSuite and NetSuite competitors.

Newly acquired clients can make NetSuite compete to Oracle. Larry Ellison, a company's CEO, backed NetSuite in the past, while also investing in Ellison does not participate in NetSuite management as much and started losing his grip on this company's business. New happenings such as Oracle's purchasing cloud based businesses or NetSuite getting bigger clients are quite bewildering.

Some IT business analyzers assume that large companies like Oracle have new strategies in place when facing challenges posed by NetSuite competitors. These big enterprises cannot ignore cloud based solutions and have to find the ways to embrace them.

Acquisition strategy of company development

We have already followed some examples demonstrating the strategy of developing the company by acquiring another firm and making it a part of the business. However, in a new era, the acquisitions do not go in the same way as in good old days. Integration of companies requires more efforts in making compatible such areas of two companies as technical side, business organization and more. Companies may approach marketing, sales, and HR features differently, and it poses extra challenges for the companies integrating its services. Only later we will be able to assess the results of integration and make a clear conclusion whether it was successful or not.

Oracle will keep buying additional cloud based platforms. However, NetSuite and NetSuite competitors may have to put up with challenges of entirely different company organization. Some IT experts used to take take these acquisitions with skepticism, believing Oracle has no intention of transition to cloud based services.

Microsoft started his journey of utilizing cloud based soft by presenting Office365. Then Oracle followed the suite deciding in favor of cloud and giving it a try. These soft vendors saw a real danger coming from NetSuite competitors and decided to get in competition with these innovative companies.

NetSuite continuing relations with Oracle

Even a short while ago, IT experts could be astonished to hear about Oracle acquiring NetSuite. One of other NetSuite competitors a company called Salesforce has more distant relations with Oracle than NetSuite. Ellison used to be a supporter of NetSuite and continues to be the owner of a big part of this business enterprise. He has also been captivated by rivalry going between SAP and NetSuite. Taking into account a modest but substantial overlay existing between the software solutions offered by NetSuite and one of NetSuite competitors called, it is possible to predict that Ellison will have the opportunity to stay more competitive than all of his opponents combined. His advantage as far as finances and option cannot be doubted. But it is unclear if Ellison has a desire to take on the opportunity.

Competition between Oracle and Salesforce

While many companies turn to the cloud to increase innovative options and stay in closer contact with their clients, IT experts assess major cloud based NetSuite competitors. Ellison having called recently Workday to be one of the key competition of Oracle hadn't any reference to it whatsoever in his interview. He only mentioned that Oracle had the edge over Salesforce when it comes to ARR or Annual Recurring Revenue. For the past two years, Oracle has had a commercial advantage in cloud software over Salesforce and has become the leader of SaaS sector.

Pointing out the broad scope of the suite developed by Oracle (applications for accounting, HR, sales and marketing to name a few) in comparison with the number of apps sold by one of NetSuite competitors called Salesforce, Ellison predicted the result of the race between the two companies. Regarding the leading company Amazon, he hasn't mentioned anything about its IaaS. However, his further remarks revealed that he expects IaaS to overgrow like SaaS.

NetSuite competitor offering similar CRM solutions

Shopping cart software is considered a sound solution for Client Relations Management. It is a software package managing logs and details of a particular company. NetSuite ticketing system collects the info that seems to be useful for improvement of customer service in the firm. It gives the opportunity to issue a ticket that makes the whole set of efforts of customer support visible.

Some of NetSuite competitors such as Zendesk are offering an equivalent of Netsuite ticketing system allowing clients to reach to support team sending their inquiries into the collective system. The question may come from various social platforms but have a tracking ticket allowing to manage client's issues faster and more efficiently.

The customer has an option of emailing the inquiry or sending a short Tweet. The ticketing software gives customers an opportunity to choose different channels to reach the company. It provides ways to consolidate and track the requests or complaints improving the overall quality of customer support.

Please read more in-depth info on NetSuite alternatives in this article


Beginner Guide to Auto Lights & How It Improve Your Car Performance


The cars mainly reflect the personalities of their owners. For most of the people, the car is the basic need that can take them to places in short time and with ease. However, some of the owners buy the car as the symbol of status and luxury as well. No matter what type of car you are having, auto lights play an important role in the overall performance of the vehicle as well as the looks. Almost all the cars come in the OEM lights, but some owners do change the original car lights with the aftermarket lights to enhance the functionality. There are various benefits of installing the aftermarket lighting parts in the place of the OEM lights.

First, you should know different types of auto lights available in the market. Karl Benz invented the world's first use of the car in the year of 1885. The first car has the top speed of fewer than 10 miles/hour. The major obstacle that the car faced is in the way in the darkness. The cars that are used in the earlier days do have all the technological advancements, but they did not have the headlights. Generally, the automotive lighting is the illumination systems of the cars or any other type of vehicle. From the headlights, side markers, blinkers to the taillights, the automotive lighting has come in the long run from the gas pattern to the advanced technology. Here, are some of the Auto light bulbs that are being used in these days in the cars.

1. Incandescent lights

If you are using the vintage cars, you can surely know the meaning of these lighting accessories. These lights are made by Thomas Edison, here the electricity pass through the tungsten metal filament. The wire gets heated white-hot and emits light in the process that is known as the incandescence. The gas bulb that is used here is brighter than the lantern, though the color of the light seems to be yellow. These bulbs are not so much efficient as they generate infrared heat than the original visible light. As the time's ages, the filament in these lighting accessories eventually breaks and the bulb comes out.

2. Halogen bulb

The halogen light uses the tungsten metal filament but it is encased in the small quartz bulb. The gas that is present inside the bulb is actually the halogen which helps in extending the life of the filament and bulb with the help of the recycling process that allows the halogen bulb to last long than the other counterparts. Since the halogen bulbs are hotter, they become hot in short period. The visibility of this light is also more as compared to the tungsten bulb. Under the normal use, the halogen lighting accessories will last for 60,000 miles. Osram Sylvania halogen lights are also important in the market as this brand is quite popular among the buyers.

3. High-intensity discharge light

The bluish tint that you see on the headlight is made with the light technology that requires no filament. The HID bulbs, commonly known as the xenon lights generate the light by just applying the electricity to the high-pressure xenon in this case. The gas gets heated white hot, giving the visible light that gives a bluish tinge. The color of the bulb light is very much similar to sunlight, making it comfortable for the driver. When you are using the HID lights, you are consuming less electricity and the light lasts longer than the other varieties.

4. The LED lights

The LED or the light emitting diodes are one of the popular types of lights that are growing in importance in these days. These lighting accessories are in great demand as they are long lasting as compared to other auto lights available. These small bulbs, may be the fraction of other bulbs, do not utilize the filament for illumination. On the other hand, they utilize the filament or the gas plasma for the illumination. These lights do not emit too much heat around and they are affordable than the counterparts. They are available in various shapes, light colors, and intensities. Osram Sylvania LED lights are available at a reasonable rate from

Which Bulb Is Best For Your Vehicle?

In the year 1898, the car manufacturers first used the electric headlights, but the application was not widespread at that time. Cadillac began to use to first electrical lighting and the ignition system that is having the shock resistant incandescent bulbs. But, in the present days, the halogen bulbs have the focused lenses that are placed behind the plastic light covers. Almost all the upscale vehicles have the HID headlights with the auto-leveling option that ensures that the light is directed from the various directions.

The blinkers, side markers, and the brake lights are lit by the small incandescent lights. The LED technology is slowly replacing the old traditional bulbs by offering the sharp illumination that helps in decreasing the driver reaction times along with the better reliability and durability. The tiny sizes of these lighting accessories do fit in various sizes and weigh even less than the traditional lighting accessories.

The dashboard lights are replaced by the LED lights that radiate the green or the orange lights. As they are very small, LED can fit anywhere and everywhere. When you are buying the auto lights, you should know the requirements and the purpose of using these lights. We all know that there are various brands of auto lights available, you should keep in mind the factors like the price of the light, the type of lighting accessories, and the purpose to use these lights and the durability before you are buying them.

The future of auto lights

However, the HID technology may be optimal for the headlight use; it is the LED light that is used in these days for most of the cars. The light emitting diodes are of low cost and they are long lasting as compared to the other varieties of lights available. The price of the LED lights 4 less is less as compared to the traditional lights but they are durable and have no carbon footprints on the environment.

How to choose the best auto lights from the online stores

Now, you have an idea on the various auto lights that are used in these days. The next question is- where to find the best lighting accessories that you are using aftermarket on the cars. There are various online sites from where you can get the best deals on the car lights, but not all the sites are reliable and trustworthy. You should make an extensive research on the website to know the trusted site that offers high-quality lights for the cars at affordable rates.

Here are some of the factors that you should keep in mind when you are choosing the online site to choose the autolights:

1. Have good reputation in the market

When you are buying the car lights online, the first thing that you should keep in mind is the reputation of the company online. You can check the reviews or the testimonials before you are selecting the site. The website that has a good reputation is always best to choose. The customer reviews and testimonials are always important before you are choosing the site for buying the auto light accessories.

2. The type, variety and features

When you are choosing the website, you should check that the website is offering various types of lighting accessories for cars. The site should provide various types of lights and of various features. Not all the vehicles do have the same requirement of lights. So, it is better that you choose the site that offers all the types of lights depending on the requirement of the customers.

3. Effective return policy

When you are choosing the website, it should be having return policies. If you have bought a light from the online site but it does not suit or fit the car, then it will be not worth purchasing. So, when you are selecting the site, check that whether it is having the return policies or not. Having the return policy is very important while you are buying products online.

4. Affordable price

The website that you are choosing should be having the opportunity to provide you the products at an affordable rate than the market. Almost all the buyers do prefer using the online sites as they offer all the items at an affordable rate. Thu, the site that you are choosing should provide the auto lights and the other lighting accessories at a reasonable price.

These are some of the factors, which you should keep in mind when you are buying the Auto light bulbs from the online sites. Be sure that you check the products and read out the guidelines before installing the bulbs on the car. is one of the leading companies that offer the car lights and accessories at a pocket-friendly price than the physical market.

Cycling with Heavy Duty Bicycles As A Medical Treatment


Obesity is a disease. Are you a patient? The modernised world we live in, possesses all sorts of gadgetry technology that makes life convenient for the lazy. Consequently, obesity has emerged as a norm and rising medical bills are mainstream.

Considering the fact that no one wishes to die young, what choice to Big people have? Let doctors have all their money? Complacency to scheduling appointments, boring and smelly waiting rooms and expensive medicines are conventional.

My dear! It is time to turn the tables and get a new pill. A brand new Zize Bike. From the brakes to the frame, from the saddle to the tires, from the pedals to the cruisers, this formula is side effects free and value for money.

Cycling is not just Physical exertion. It is a complete therapy for your mental and physical well being. Not only cycling on heavy duty bicycles enhances your immune system but also burns unwanted fat deposits. Cycling may appear to be a lower body exercise but it takes muscular coordination of upper body and limbs.

Rotating pedals of a Zize Bike is no lesser than a blessing to your legs. High resistance provided by a hilly region would act as a cherry on the top while you enjoy riding A New Leaf. Its weight limit of 550 pounds, durable frame, plus sized rider friendly pedals, hard wearing tires, shock absorbers and spot on brakes will ensure ideal leg workout.

Muscular coordination, sync between leg motions, maintaining balance and simultaneous use of gears and brakes will improve synchronisation of muscles . In short, all your body comes together to enjoy a smooth ride on the Zize bike.

The plus sized folks no longer need a diet planner and nutritionist. Let your 29Mer be your all in one gym instructor and burn calories while the steel frame, wide tires, spacious saddle and strong fenders be at your service. Since you will burn more calories than you consume, your body will no longer be an embarrassment to you.

Cycling challenges you to maximise your potential like any other intensive workout session. Cycling helps you to break your own shackles of bad eating habits and disturbed sleep schedule, slowing down the pace of weight gain due to hormonal imbalances.

Biking trails are more convenient than consultant clinics. They will let your lungs have a gush of fresh air. Healthier lungs mean a healthier heart. The exercise of quadriceps, glutei, hamstrings and calves would mean an overall increased stamina.

Running and other sports maybe too tough for the Big guys but biking serves as a great alternative. Nonetheless, gym instructors, doctors and nutritionist charge a fortune.

With improving cardio vascular fitness levels, transportation of oxygen around the body, resting pulse rate and blood pressure would reach ideal levels. Who does not want to slim down their lower body, tone up abdominal muscles and get the perfect summer body. Losing inches and shaping up your torso is another perk of investing in a Zize Bike.

Grab Zize Bikes for heavy riders and reduce the risk of serious diseases like stroke, cancer, depression, diabetes and arthritis. Biking can easily be amalgamated in your routine, unlike other medical treatments. It causes less injuries and does not require high level of physical training.

Cycling will make your joints more mobile and save them from strain from other forms of exercising. With the release of happy hormones, stress levels drop to an all time low and mental health flourishes. Reduced anxiety and depression may help you explore a new version of yourself.

Strengthened bones, faster metabolic system combined with a healthy diet can get you instant results. Regular cycling also holds potential to culminate bowel cancer, breast cancer and other fatal diseases.

Cycling strikes at the root cause of diabetes which is laziness. It also has positive effects on your brain by stimulating neuropsychological changes like any other antidepressant.Zize bikes for heavy riders ride is no lesser than a meditation session. While you make way to your home, dealing with different obstacle at every nook and corner, your brain is being wired to function smartly and spontaneously. These strong reflexes and decision making skills become life long assets and takes you places.

Increased cognitive control, sexual desirability, increased genital arousal in women are all just a Zize Bike away from you. The social platform that cycling provides you contributes to brain health, confidence and self esteem.

Cycling makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. Its contribution to a restful sleep is undeniable. So you no longer need those sleeping aids to wake up rested. All you need to do is bike vigorously.

Delaying aging has always been your dream. Trash out those anti aging creams and get a Zize bike to look younger than hour counterparts. Sweating and leaning means stronger immune system. Feel good about yourself, delay your menopause, enjoy a stronger sex drive to become more productive. Regulated sugar levels result in a more efficient you.

Cycling will also aid your digestive system leading to appropriate absorption of nutrients and increased lifespan. Outdoor activities like cycling calms your nerves and helps absorption of nutrients from sunlight. Cycling is the shortest route to a lower risk of impotence , sharp mind and stable blood pressure.

Women can enjoy cycling during pregnancies to get easier labour, faster delivery and a healthier child. Cycling also increases activity against tumor cells preventing related illnesses. Cycling has positive effects on bone density and strength. A muscular system strengthened by cycling supports the skeletal system. Cycling trains the body to use fatty deposits and cholesterol balances for lifetime.

So, all the individuals above 300 pounds need to grab their Zize heavy duty bikes and change their lifestyle for good.Zize Bikes provide customised bikes for your body type so that your cycle can cater your without those extra pounds falling over and creating trouble.

Zize Bikes are game changers for Big guys to uplift their physical and mental well being until they no longer nerd medical treatments and medicines. This piece of writing does not undermine the importance of seeking medical assistance and getting regular check-ups. However, prevention is better than cure. Being obese is not doing a crime but not doing anything about is, surely is!

Why should athletic bodies have all the fun? Thank Zize Bikes for customizing heavy duty bikes that suit your needs and address your issues. It is your time to have the fun your deserve. That too, without being stared. Invest in Zize Bikes and cut down medical fees. Have the Time Of Your Life and cycle on your favourite trail without worrying about tripping over.

Next time you step out with your Zize Bike, it is guaranteed that envious eyes would be casted upon you. Be an idol for the others. Be a motivation to your peers and show them that losing weight is a piece of cake. Be the trendsetter in town and change your impression along with physical appearance.Be someone's fitness idol instead of couch potato. Start loving yourself while exploring your potential.

Want to see your father dying leaving you behind with limited finances or you want him to live and see you achieving milestones? Want your mother to grow into an old, fat and dependent woman or someone who your grandchildren can look upto as an inspiration? Want your brother to die single because women do not find him pleasing enough or want to play with your nieces and nephews? Want to see your sister being body shamed for being oversized or see her gleam with pride as the bold and beautiful? Want your children to run out of breath or want them to secure medals in sports?

Make the wiser decision and book your Zize Bike now. Live with your loved ones and spend quality time with them. Know that biking is not only extravagance and recreation but also a medical treatment and need! Know that your health is the most valuable possession of yours! Know that your body demands your attention and care in return of lifelong fellowship. Know that your body demands more than just food. Music is food for soul? Cycling is fuel for body and mind. Do not starve yourself spiritually. Bestow yourself with a Zize Bike and do justice to yourself.

Imagine being on a hospital bed in your middle age waiting for death to eat you up? Want to avoid those soul curling, long hours of regret? Contact Zize Bikes now. The change needs to come from within. Revolutionize your life and give yourself what you deserve to have! I bet a 29Mer is less bitter than any of your pills and is less painful than any injection.

Zize Bikes are the ultimate lifesaver for the Big guys so that they no longer need to stand away and envy cyclist. Zize heavy duty bikes will give you a chance to lead an enhanced family and social life and spend more time with your kith and kin. Live enough years to live your life to fullest, grow old with your spouse, see your kids growing up into adults and playing with your grandchildren .After all who wants to die craving for life? Now is your chance to grab your Zize Bike and off you go towards your fitness goals!

Know About the Best External Chrome Car Accessories in the Chrome Warehouse


Much like the internal chrome car accessories along with the engine and fuel system parts, there are a number of external car accessories that are often required. These chrome car accessories sure do add to the list of amazing products that are available on The Chrome Warehouse. This website has been around for quite some time now and has gained a lot of recognition because of their quality car accessories and their good services.

In this specific article, we are going to be focusing on the major external chrome accessories for cars and the different categories that they are divided into. Before we jump right into looking through, let us list down the major categories of products that we are going to be discussing about.

· Running Board

· Custom Grilles

· Chrome Trim

There are a few more categories which need a better understanding and will be discussed in a separate article.

Running Board

There is an average of 30+ running boards, primarily for many major designs of car, under the chrome car accessories. As we have many other sub-categories to cover, we are mainly going to be focusing on a few of the variants that are the most featured and best sellers.

PowerStep Running Board by AMP Research

There are a number of variants from this specific company on the Chrome Warehouse and it is necessary to know that this is definitely one of the best in the lot. In this fast pacing world where everyone depends on technology for the slightest of works, this specific running board sure does add more to the list. The PowerStep is an automated running board which unhooks and folds back whenever the car is opened and closed.

This specific product has got the company warranty of three years and is very much praised amidst the customers who have actually bought it. It not just gives a great look to the car but the material of the part is definitely durable and is going to last a very long time. There are more elaborated description and the application list on the website which can definitely be further looked into. The price of this running board is set at $1,276.94.

Running Board PowerStep(TM) with Plug and Play

Much like the other variants by AMP Research, this is yet another amazing addition to the list of remarkable and quality running boards. This specific running board is not just durable, it is very much easy to install without any kind of hassle.

It is primarily available in the black colour and is the best example of the OME Style Illumination. It is best to glance through the application list to ensure if it is fit for your car type before purchasing because the price of it is not something you can simply ignore. It is priced at $1,383.44 which is definitely a lot worth it for the warranty and the assurance that you get.

AMP Research Running Board PowerStep(TM)

While the names may all seem like the same, they are definitely a bit different than the other even if it's just in the appearance of it. This specific one looks a lot different than the normal flat running boards by the same company. It is primarily in a cylindrical rod shape and is a great fit for a number of cars.

Just like the assurance of AMP Research, this one definitely withstands some of the roughest of the situations, be it rain, rough or dirt. It is light-weight yet sturdy and the perfect fit and strong linkage joints with the body of the car helps in keeping the board secure to withstand some of the heaviest of weights. This specific running board is priced at $1,276.94.

Custom Grilles

There are primarily around 7 sub-categories under the same and we will try to chalk out some of the most important products that are sold by Chrome Warehouse.

Grille Insert

There are several variants of grille inserts, some of which are range from a lower to a higher price range. Not just that, the difference also lies in the amount of parts in the kit. The price mainly varies depending on that. The most sold out and featured is the one that costs $169.95 because of the available assembling of the necessary parts in the kit itself.

There are two other variants, a cheaper and a costlier one priced at $52.95 and $369.95 respectively. The specific one that we are mainly focusing on here is the one that is available in a black colour variant and is a best fit for the cars from Toyota.

Bumper Valance / Grille Kit Rear Diffusor

Just as the grilles are necessary to be fitted properly, the faulty ones need replacing. If you are someone who likes to fix their own cars if there is nothing major wrong with it, this grille kit rear diffusor is definitely the deal for you. It comes in a black colour variant and is sturdy and made from a good material that is durable and lasts long.

The price of this diffusor is $52.95 and while it is probably fit for almost all the vehicles, it is still best to look through the application list for a safer idea.

Rugged Ridge Bull Bar

This is yet another important element in the exterior chrome car accessories and the available variety is a best fit for the JK Wrangler. Each of these parts ends up giving a very finished and laser cut skid looks to the plates and mounting brackets. These are made of stainless steel and are coated with a dual stage powder coat with a tough E-coat and are 3-inches in size.

The price range of this specific part is around $418.99-$559.99 which might seem like a lot but is worth every invested penny. This not just brings about a better look to the Jeep that you own but also changes an ordinary Jeep to an outstanding one.

Chrome Trim

The category of Chrome Trim in the chrome car accessories sure does branch out into even more sub-categories which definitely play a crucial role in determining the look and functioning of the car. Some of these sub-categories include:

· Chrome Door Handles

· Chrome Fender Trims

· Custom grilles

· Door handles

· Fuel Door Covers

· Gas Door Covers

· Headlight Bezels

· Mesh Grilles

· Mirror Covers

· Pillar Posts

· Tail Light Bezels

· Tailgate Handle Cover

· Tailgate handles

· Third Brake Light Covers

· Window Sill Trim

While these sure do look like a number of categories, we are mainly going to be focusing on the most sold and featured car accessories under this category.

Chrome Handle Covers for 13-17 Dodge RAM

The handle covers that are all available on the Chrome WareHouse are mainly by the same company and they are popular for customising their door handles to give the vehicles is much modern and customised look. The door handles are manufactured from high quality chrome-plated ABS.

One great thing about these door handles is it's adaptability to any kind of weather conditions, be it sunny hot or a cold winter. They withstand harsh weather conditions and don't wear off which makes it look new for quite a long time. The price of these door handles are not specifically mentioned but the interested customers can get a quote while buying them.

SES Fits 2007-2008 Toyota Tundra Chrome Tail Gate handle

While this specific rear accent trim is best fitted for the mentioned car type, there are a number of other options and Chrome even customises the handles if asked. This is one of the many reasons for the growing popularity of the brand. These tail gates are made from sturdy chrome material and require not drilling or cutting for the installation. It comes with a 3M tape which can be simply strapped on the existing tail gate handle.

It is definitely a lot cheaper in comparison to the other products from other companies and costs only $13.99.

Chrome Stainless Steel Pillar Post

Chrome believes in customising things to uplift the design and look of the vehicle and let go of the old boring look. The Pillar Post made by Chrome is manufactured with several sheets of T304 stainless steel with a proper mixture of nickel and chromium in it. This ensures that the product not just lasts long but is weather proof.

They are primarily sold in pairs for each side of the car. The price of each of them is $43.49 which is definitely a lot less and affordable.

End notes

The external chrome accessories for cars in The Chrome WareHouse have an endless list of parts which is definitely not enough to summate in a single article. While this covers almost half the categories and products, the other half of the same needs an even wider range of discussion which can be covered in a later article. Most of the products mentioned in this specific part cover the most featured and the best selling products under the specific categories.

Getting Rid of Being Homesick with Ym-Ywha Travel Camp Activities, Like Swimming Classes in Brooklyn


Everyone has the right to have rest, whether it is a child or an adult. One way to combine the rest of children with the rest of parents from children is to send a child to a teen travel ym-ywha camp.

Having come to this idea, you look through a huge number of tourist avenues, visit a lot of Internet resources in order to choose the camp where your child will be safe, involved and having fun. And so the ticket is bought, suitcases are packed, and on the appointed day and hour the child is handed over to the counselor and put on the bus ... Your child goes to the ym-ywha camp, it would seem that you can breathe peacefully and enjoy the weeks of rest, but your soul is not in place, and the questions are getting to the head "How is he there?", "Is everything alright?" And you just have to calm down and convince yourself that everything is good, that in case of a threat to life or health of your child there are a lot of professionals to watch your child.

Parents, especially those who sent their child to ym ywha camp for the first time, begin to worry, and some even break down, go to ym-ywha camp and take their child home.

The advice from a psychologist: "It is not necessary to react sharply to child's complaints and his disappointment with the camp life. Most likely, this is a temporary phenomenon associated with the so-called period of adaptation. A few days will pass and your child will calm down, get used to and, probably, at the end of the shift will not even want to go home. "

Adaptation period can last from two or three days to a week. This is the time of getting used to ym-ywha camp, the customs and routine of the day, winning places in a new children's team and establishing relations with the leaders. The faster a child finds friends, the more often he participates in games and other events, the faster and more painless adaptive period will be. As a rule, already on the second or the third day a teen stop complaining to the parents that he is bored or does not like ym ywha camp.

The ease of adaptation depends on the characteristics of character, temperament and way of upbringing. For faster and painless adaptation to ym-ywha camp, it is desirable that the child is able to establish interpersonal contacts with peers and maintain them, that is, to be friends.

Not always parents can foresee what difficulties their child will face in a children's summer camp. And the child himself is not always sure how his next vacation will develop. It is difficult to predict anything, because much depends on those children and adults who will become his family for the whole shift. Nevertheless, take care of the "weather" in ym-ywha camp in advance. And for this, try to answer important questions and listen to a few tips.

Think about why you want to send your child to ym ywha camp. Do you want to turn his boring vacation into one exciting weekend? Or are you motivated with a desire to improve your child's health far from urban smog? Or teach a timid and shy kid independence and sociability? Or maybe you want to take a break and delegate his outdoor education to specialists even for a few weeks? Answering these questions, you will understand whose interests are guided with first of all - by your own or your child.

Allow your child participate in choosing ym-ywha camp. Listen to his wishes and requests. So the child will see that parents respect his opinion, and therefore, will continue to listen to him. This will strengthen sense of trust between you, so necessary for the upcoming short separation. After all, if a child trusts you, there is a high probability that he will not hide from you his difficulties and problems that he will encounter in ym-ywha camp.

Do not forget about friendly and family ties that are very important. You can offer your child to go to the camp with his friend or boyfriend, brother, sister or with someone of other relatives of the same age. When there is someone close to the child, it will give him confidence and strength to cope with temporary separation.

Try to talk to your child in advance about possible difficulties, but so that you do not frighten him. The best way is to tell how you yourself were in the teen travel camp and how to cope with your problems. Unobtrusive tips and advice from his mother's and father's experience will one day be very useful to him.

Try to make sure that a trip to a teen travel ym-ywha camp has become for your child an achievement and a testament to his independence and growing up. Upon returning home, tell him how proud you are that he managed to live away from his parents and endured all the trials. Especially this assessment is important for teenagers.

Adults try to organize life of their children in summer camps with interesting and rich events. Usually children are waiting there for an ocean of impressions and entertainment. But each child can have difficult days - when nothing pleases and there is only one wish to go home. Such outbursts of yearning can periodically absorb a child. It quickly passes, if otherwise everything goes well with him: good friends, events full of positive emotions, understanding counselors.

But, if a child does not have relationship with children and adults, and the days are endlessly dull, he feels trapped. Parents are far away, and they do not want to hear anything about a earlier return home. Teachers and counselors are not ready and do not always know how to help you child cope with problems. Peers do not care about his experiences. At best, they will move away from the child and leave him alone. And whatever the health system ym-ywha camp is famous for, the mental strength and psychological state of a child will improve only upon returning home.

Only parents can support a child in difficult times for him. Unexpected and pleasant visits, attention to his experiences and anxieties, heart-to-heart talk and joint walks around neighborhood will help their child cope with another bout of longing. And for one of the children the best psychotherapy will be a trip home for the weekend or returning from ym ywha camp before the end of the shift.

Concrete Countertop and the Reasons for Choosing Concrete

concrete countertop

There are a lot of articles and materials about concrete countertops and we have written about them on more than one occasion (you may see and read here or here). Today is not an exception. So we are going to talk about concrete countertops (or some call them cement countertops), but we'll take more general overlook.

What is important to know about concrete counter tops?

The picture is beautiful, but how will the concrete kitchen countertops or the concrete washbasin in the bathroom "behave"?

What is interior concrete? In fact, it is an artificial stone created as a result of molding and solidification of mixture. The latter consists of an astringent substance (for example, cement), large and small aggregates, and water. For example, for concrete countertops sand, cement, water and some additives to improve performance are the main components.

The main thesis and argument "for" concrete countertops in the kitchen is that the material is pure from the ecological point of view. While the resins of other "artificial stones" are already raising questions, we are working with natural components.

  • Cement is mixed calcined limestone with clay
  • Sand is a natural mineral (all children play in the sandbox)
  • Water – well, here everything is clear
  • Mineral additives is very good sand
  • Organic additives - no more than 2%

Is it easy to clean stains on concrete counter tops or sink made of concrete?

Concrete as a material is porous, and therefore, like a sponge absorbs moisture and contamination. No, the concrete countertops are not afraid of water, but even love it; but it will not be easy to clean impurities from porous structure. In addition, calcium, which plays role of the main binder, is easily destroyed with the action of acid. This means that a drop of lemon juice per minute will leave a matte mark on unprotected concrete.

That is why concrete countertops for kitchen and bathroom are necessarily protected; they are covered with a special polymer coating, which lies a thin layer on the surface (100-200 microns), closing the pores. It is impossible to see a thin layer with the naked eye, and the varnish gloss can be either matte or glossy. After processing, concrete countertop easily withstands impact of both tomato paste, and wine, and coffee, and 9% acetic acid, as well as toothpaste.

If carefully operated, coating of concrete countertop will last for many years and will not require repeated application.

Can I cut with a knife right on concrete countertops?

We'll say the following: the hardness of good polished concrete countertop is comparable to granite. But we have just mentioned that for being used in the kitchen, cement concrete is varnished. Therefore, when we talk about resistance to mechanical damage, then it is primarily about this protective varnish. Hardness of the coating is not much higher than that of acrylic (artificial stone). Scratching it very much possible, so it's better not to do anything right on the concrete countertops without cutting board.

And what if I put a hot pot on a concrete countertop?

Our experiments show that polished "bare" concrete is capable of withstanding temperature to 300 degrees for 30 seconds, after which it starts lightening. But concrete countertop for kitchen with protective varnish will withstand not more than 150 degrees. This means that they will survive the hot pan, but the hot pan is not.

If the concrete is processed - how to wash it?

Servicing concrete countertop is almost nothing different from servicing a traditional sink or sink for a bathroom made of acrylic. Recommendations how to care concrete countertop are simple: surface must be cleaned with a foam sponge or a microfiber cloth with a particular neutral cleaning agent. Sponges with abrasives and strong acidic agents are not recommended.

Can I use unprocessed concrete countertop in the interior?

In the kitchen and in the bathroom - no. But for the coffee table top you can easily use polished glossy concrete. Polished surface is applied with saturation for marble - it does not protect for 100%, but at the same time does not hide natural beauty of concrete. This saturation should be periodically renewed, but you can do it yourself.

Does furniture fall apart under concrete countertop?

This question is often asked by users who change old concrete countertop, leaving old lockers. Indeed, how hard will the concrete table surface be and will it be necessary to strengthen the frame to install such a surface?

For example, average construction with an edge height of 10 cm weighs no more than 35 kg. For such reinforce box is not required, and therefore, you can easily replace old acrylic model with concrete countertop. This applies to both kitchen countertops and sinks.

How can I decorate the concrete?

There are several ways to work with concrete decorations.

  1. There are white ingredients that make it possible to obtain white concrete. And also there are special pigments that allow imparting color. Palette is not very rich, but concrete is valued not for it.
  2. It is possible to mix natural stones, broken glass or shell rock into solution. After stripping, a significant layer must be grounded. This technique gives a lot of imagination, but for it to look beautiful and fit into interior, it is better to consult with the designer.
  3. It's a very popular variant to incrust concrete products with valuable rocks. It is well-known that combination of concrete countertop with wood in interior is considered to be an ideal.

Note that all of the above methods require from a manufacturer to have considerable experience and skills.

The concrete product can have two variants of completion:

  • Cement Milk - whitish spots and streaks on vertical parts.
  • Deep grinding to filler (sand) - the surface has a granular structure, you can see the grains of quartz

Where to buy a concrete countertop or a sink made of concrete?

The market of concrete countertops is not formed; therefore workshops determine the order of work. The order procedure is usually like this: call for a representative to make measurements, agree on dimensions and all the details. In production it is important to know the dimensions and layout of the frame. You will be considered a value, and then you need to make a prepayment. The manufacturing time is from 14 to 30 days. When concrete countertop is ready, installation and final payment will follow.

If a workshop is located in another city, then it will be necessary to carry out measurement independently, coordinate by phone or e-mail, and make a prepayment. When concrete counter tops is ready, then a photo / video report is sent and post payment follows. Then concrete countertop is securely packed and sent with the transport company. In the transport company, you can order delivery to the house and even climb to the floor, but you'll have to mount the countertop / sink yourself or use services of installers.

Order through the Internet, and even with a prepayment is quite dangerous in the matter of correct measurement. In order not to become a victim of scammers, check concrete countertops manufacturer with the following issues:

  • The presence of public pages in social networks and open communication with customers.
  • Portfolio should consist of real works (it's not difficult to understand if there are photos of products from the workshop or in the process).
  • Well, if social networks have reviews from real people, ask them.

And why are you still "for" concrete?

We are ready to admit: concrete countertops cannot be called the best as the material for a countertop or a sink, because a protective coating can be scratched more easily than quartz agglomerate. And an acrylic stone is cheaper than real concrete, it is produced on every corner, and yes - it can be very similar to concrete.

But concrete, like natural stone, is appreciated for its environmental friendliness and uniqueness. On each product there are pores, stains, natural patina, and light spots of cement milk. Products made of concrete are rarely "perfect", but they are definitely individual and have a character.

Seabrook Wallpaper - Ways to Design Your Space in Liquid Expression

seabrook wallpaper

Having recently appeared in the market, Seabrook wallpaper managed to take a leading position in the long list of building materials for wall decoration. In this article we'll figure out why they are attracting for a modern consumer.

Natural ingredients

Liquid wallpaper is a mixture of natural fibers of cotton, cellulose, with the addition of adhesive and high-quality dyes. Due to its "natural content" liquid wallpaper does not emit harmful toxic gases, which is important for human health, and is antistatic. They include natural components with a neutral electric charge, which does not allow dust to settle on the wallpaper, and that allows Seabrook wallpaper be allergic free for the inhabitants of the room.

Pros and cons of Seabrook wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper can be used to decorate any type of room: both residential and office. In the apartment they look good even in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Seabrook wallcoverings have a special microporous texture, which creates a good level of heat and sound isolation in the room.

Liquid wallpaper has a high degree of color fastness, does not die out in the sun and does not absorb smells. Due to the elastic structure, Seabrook wallpaper does not crumple and become deformed.

Given with the method of applying liquid wallpaper, you can talk about a seamless and even surface as a result of finishing as one of the main advantages of this type of material. Such Seabrook wallcovering perfectly hides small defects of walls; they work well with crooked corners. The big "pros" for liquid Seabrook wallpaper is that if a particular section of the wall gets dirty, you can refresh it. To do this, it is cleaned and a new composition is applied.

Liquid wallpaper is moisture resistant and it regulates humidity level in the room. If we talk about bathroom, when you apply such liquid wallpaper on the ceiling, windows fogging and air stuffiness disappears. However, it is necessary to protect wallpaper from direct water, otherwise they can get wet. In addition, such Seabrook wallpaper can also be applied to batteries and pipes, previously insulated, so that the metal not to be rusted.

Walls covered with liquid wallpaper are very unpretentious in terms of care. They need to be vacuumed from time to time, and insubstantial dirt should be removed with an ordinary eraser.

And finally, the only "cons" of liquid wallpaper. They need to be applied to even surface, without large cracks and scratches on the wall. On this reason they are inferior to vinyl or glass walls.

The taste and color

Liquid wallpaper gives a wide scope for the implementation of any design solutions. Their color range is extremely diverse: from winter snow-white, shining in the sun, to spring fresh and summer bright. To create cozy atmosphere in the house you can use liquid wallpaper with elements of processed silk, creating the effect of fabric cover. To give solemnity to the room, Seabrook wallpaper is available with adding gold or silver fine threads.

With the help of special additives you can get thousands of different shades. For fans of the avant-garde, technology of applying liquid Seabrook wallpaper using a pneumatic atomizer or applying bright color spots to the general background will be of great interest for buyers.

If you add textiles, mineral sparkles or decorative straws to the wallpaper mixture, Seabrook wallpaper will look like drapery or fabric wallpaper, and the level of thermal insulation will significantly increase.

Using liquid Seabrook wallcovering of thicker consistency, you can create moldings or colorful panels on the walls or ceiling – well, it's up to your imagination.

Easy application of Seabrook wallpaper

Before applying liquid wallpaper, the walls must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt, if necessary, primed. Temperature in the room should not be below +10 degrees. Mixture from the packet is diluted with water and mixed until homogeneous, then applied with a roller, spatula or spray, depending on the desired result of the coating. As a rule, wallpapers dry for about three days.

Rules for the application of liquid Seabrook wallpaper

While preparing the mixture, you should observe an important rule - the water should be added portionwise to a dry component, and not vice versa. In order not to err with the consistency, it is recommended to stir mixture with your hands.

Before the wallpaper is applied, the walls are cleaned of the old coating, treated with an antiseptic agent, primed. To create interesting effects, stencils and spatulas are used. Remains of the diluted mixture can be stored for a while in the refrigerator, closing the container with a lid. If liquid wallpaper is used in a room with high humidity, their surface is treated with lacquer.

One of Seabrook wallpaper main advantages is absence of the need for careful leveling of walls. The structure of liquid wallpaper makes it possible for small cracks and irregularities become completely invisible after applying mixture on the surface. Seabrook wallcoverings have excellent characteristics in terms of strength and reliability. Even if liquid Seabrook wallpaper is damaged on one local spot, the recovery process will take a minimum of time (it's enough just to clean the damaged cover and apply a new one).

The next advantage of liquid wallpaper is creation of a seamless coating (as opposed to paper Seabrook wallpaper). Such material fits well on walls, even if there is a complex relief. The covering is elastic, and therefore does not deteriorate when shrinking the building.

Liquid wallpaper allows you to create a beautiful decor on the walls (you can fully express your imagination). The coating does not create a fire hazard situation, it perfectly absorbs sound and helps keep a room warm. The wallpaper is hygroscopic (absorbs moisture). wallpaper does not absorb odors, does not fade in the sun, has antistatic properties (does not accumulate dust), does not have affect human health harmfully (it is based on natural ingredients).

Disadvantages of liquid wallpaper are also present - above all, this is a fairly high price.

The second drawback - with a direct hit of moisture wallpaper get wet. The next unpleasant moment: after applying to the wall, liquid wallpaper dries for a long time (at least 48 hours).

Briefly about the composition of liquid wallpaper

The powder contains such components as glue, cotton fibers, cellulose, and dyes. Special additives can be used, for example, golden threads, mineral crumb, quartz, mica. Unlike decorative plaster, sand is absent in liquid wallpaper (although both materials, in general, are similar).

The subtleties of choosing liquid wallpaper

When buying liquid Seabrook wallcoverings, fairly assess your level of professionalism. If you are not a specialist in the field of repair work, then get dry mixes that are completely ready for application (they are simply diluted with water). If you want to make experiments, then choose white mixture - dyes and various decorative components you will add yourself.

When deciding which liquid wallpaper to choose, pay attention to the composition of materials. You can buy cellulose, silk and silk-cellulose wallpaper. The most durable, practical, and, as a consequence, the most expensive are silk Seabrook wallpaper (it does not fade, does not change color). Silk cellulose and cellulose wallpaper are somewhat inferior in quality, but they are cheaper.

Helpful Tips

Liquid wallpaper allows you to express your imagination. You can make the mixture denser and perform a three-dimensional drawing. To create relief inclusions, it is sufficient to add straw or other texture additives to the mixture.

Care for liquid wallpaper

This wall covering does not require special care. Completely dried liquid Seabrook wallcovering can be wiped with a rag or vacuumed. Do not use hard brushes and cleaners.